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Members-only: email me for link.

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a former editor (not verified)

how about a real copy? do we have any estimated due date for a mailed copy of the bulletin?

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Tom Laskey (not verified)

Bulletins were mailed out yesterday so with any luck, they should be in your mailbox tomorrow or Monday.

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Diane Goodwin (not verified)
January Bulletin

"Some members are looking for their bulletins. I have not let you down.

Before leaving to Florida for vacation, I drove my car to the printer's office in Brooklyn and hand-delivered a CD in PDF format along with ""native files."" I then, sat there with the printer (Mike) to make sure the files were not corrupt. All went well.

Because I delivered them personally, I lost one vacation day - what dedication!

Unfortunately, Christmas and New Year's came along in the middle of printing and delivery. One member has received his printed version and he lives in Manhattan. Expect your printed version shortly.

For the web, well, it was sent on Dec 20th - before the printer received his. This month is the transition from Robin to Tim and Peter. So, it's always expected to have mix-ups / delays in a transition.

Peter O'Reilly will post the PDF tonight or early tomorrow for the web.

Sorry for the inconvenience - but I think you'll agree it was worth the wait.

diane goodwin"

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Justin (not verified)
Good job with the latest newsletter -

well done - best one since I've been a member of the club

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a former editor (not verified)


kudos on the is one of the best i've seen...better even than the ones i did! :-(

good luck, and i look forward to many more excellent bulletins from you. (that's the one bad side of exceeding past examples on your first attempt of the year -- increased expectations for the future!)

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Charles Lam (not verified)
-nice job Diane, nice bike Robin

The bulletin looks great, impressive quantity of pictures and material for a January issue.

Kudos to the leaders who list rides in Jan and Feb.

Robin’s Ferrari red fixed gear with classic steel frame and tubeless tires looks pretty hot. Check out the white aero spokes and no brakes to boot. Complete bike is less than 15 lbs.

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<a href="">Peter O'Reilly</a> (not verified)
Electronic copy, January Bulletin - now available (nm)
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bill strachan (not verified)
january bulletin (hard copy) arrive'

my copy of the january bulletin arrived in the post today, friday, jan 3rd. a fine job by diane. nice format and great layout. kudos!

cycling trips