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Can anyone recommend a good orthapedic speciailist that can help diagnose knee problems? One that's a cyclist or familiar with cycling would be preferred, since they could recommend how to adjust the bike to solve the problem. I tend to get pain in my knees after about 30 miles. It's typically a sharp pain under the front of my kneecap. I've tried adjusting seat position and switching to free-float pedals, but neither has helped. I'm thinking of switching to shorter cranks, but would rather isolate the problem before investing in a new set.

Also, the knee problem isn't exclusive to cycling, but I suspect cycling to be the root cause of the problem.

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moser (not verified)

"In addition to an orthopedist, you should have a professional bicycle ""fitter"" take a look at your position on your bike. Many physical problems can/do result from a bad fit."

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Carol (not verified)
Bike Fit First

I recommend the guys at Sid's Bike Shop on E. 34th St. (west of 2nd Ave.) for a bike fit. They have a complete fit bike and knowledgeable staff. Or you could try Happy Freedman.

New York is full of terrific orthopedic surgeons. Dr. Frank Cordasco, 525 East 71st St., did my knee surgery and I was delighted with the results.

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Bill (not verified)
Knee probs

Justin Lamont at NYU. Does knees and hips only.

I had a consult with him but passed on the surgury when switching pedals to speedplays solved most of my problems.

I did like that he didn't come down on me for using clipless pedals. I read an article in the NY Times about orthopedists hating them...

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Carol Wood (not verified)
Consider physical therapy before surgery!

One visit to a physical therapist might help you identify whether your condition is being caused by a mechanical rather than a structural defect.

I once had knee pain (on the side, not the center, though), which turned out to have been caused by a tight iliotibial band. A therapist at Healthsouth showed me some stretches, which solved the problem and kept it from recurring. Also, for stress-induced inflammation, ice and massage work wonders.

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KL (not verified)

Thanks for the replies! I'll get my fit checked, and if that doesn't help I'll go to the doc.

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Maggie Schwarz (not verified)
Joe Fetto

This NYU orthopedic surgeon does KNEES ONLY.

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wobblyknees (not verified)
Dr. David Altchek

Has anyone ever gone to (or otherwise know anything else about) Dr. David Altchek who is an orthopedic surgeon that only does sports injuries to knees, shoulders and elbows at the Hospital for Special Surgery?


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