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Anyone have a route from Manhattan to Jersey City? This is more in the interest of transport than of touring, so the more direct the better, with due consideration to traffic safety. If anyone has taken a bike across on a ferry, I'd be glad to hear of it as well.

Thanks much,

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Jay (not verified)
Jersey City

Go to NY Waterways then click on Pier 11 to Liberty Harbor or Pt. Liberte--scheds are shown for both routes-
bikes are $1--I've never had a hassle with my bike, even during rush hours on these ferries....Go on B ride Sun 12/15: the leader who works in NYC is moving to Jersey City...I assume he can give you more info (taking bike on PATH, etc.)

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Ian (not verified)
Commuting to/from Jersey City

I live in Jersey City and frequently head into Manhattan with my bicycle. Email me directly and I will be happy to give you the benefit of my experience.

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Charlie (not verified)
No Bikes on Ferries During Strike

In the event of an MTA strike no bicycles will be allowed on NY Waterway ferries. See:

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Anthony Poole (not verified)
Bikes on ferries

"The NY Waterway website says in its message on the strike the following:

""Bicycles will be allowed on ferries"".

It says nothing about charging or letting them go free. But this is academic now."

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Adam Pollock (not verified)

Thanks all for your input.

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