Black Ice

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"I guess it goes without saying the obvious, but spotting ""black ice"" is usually not so obvious. Such was the case today riding in Central Park this morning.

In particular, the north end of the park with its winding downhill was really bad. Bad enough for me to get off the bike and walk a stretch (and still slip) nearby an ambulance and a few police cars. Sad thing is I recognized an unattended bike lying next to the ambulance.

The bike belongs to one of our club members and a very nice person, too - Rosemary Moukad. Perhaps better known to you as the lady who rides a purple Richard Sachs bike. Not sure the extent of her injuries except that she went down hard and possibly fractured her hip. She's getting checked out in the hospital right now. I hope she heals quickly (and yes, dare I write this, the bike is Ok ;-).


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Herb (not verified)

Rosemary is in St. Lukes Roosevelt Hospital and does indeed have a broken hip. Surgery is due this evening.

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Evan Marks (not verified)
Best wishes for a speedy recovery (nm)
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Shymember OK (not verified)
Speedy Recovery ...

... and best wishes to Rosemary.

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