Bob Jackson Touring Frame - Does anyone have one?

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I am considering purchasing a NOS (new-od-stock) 1997 Bob Jackson touring frame and wanted to get real world experiences. Does anyone have one of these steel beauties?

How much should a brand new 1997 cost?


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Art (not verified)
Re: Bob Jackson Touring Frame

These are very nice frames, but remember that proper fit is very important.

Not sure what a NOS Bob Jackson would go for. You might also check out Mercian Cycles (also in the UK). They make a variety of steel frames for touring, audax riding, etc. Their frames are VERY reasonable (about $450), are available in lots of colors, and can be customized.



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moser (not verified)

call and check out they import bob jackson frames. They are great and helpful people. You can also go directly to the Bob Jackson website. They are still producing frames and the new frmaesets range $800 an up.

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