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I am considering riding with the Annual Christmas ride in San Diego. I was wondering if there are an other NYCC Members that are planning in doing that ride. Basically I'm looking for more info + travel itenerary, maybe a ride partner or to share a room with somebody.

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Maggie Schwarz (not verified)
I' m signed up

I'm doing this ride and have booked motel rooms the whole way for myself. I think the website for the ride is or I can't wait! Don't know anyone else in the club who's doing it, though I've been told there's a crew who does it every year.


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Carol Waaser (not verified)
Not This Year

Most of the group from NY who've done this ride in the past can't go this year, so we're counting on you to represent us well.

One piece of advice if you've booked motels - bring a small backpack/knapsack to carry your overnight stuff to the motel so you can leave your main luggage at the church or community hall. And bring a light for riding to the motel at night (because you'll want to spend as much time as possible with the whole gang).

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