Holiday P'aty

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hi y'all !
hi y'all doin?
hope yer doin fine.
anyways, jest move here in New Yark.
can y'all tell me where the nearest thrain station is your party at this coming monday?

y'take care now y'hear>


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Eva Wirth (not verified)
Holiday party

The closest train is 2/3 line Wall Street stop.

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Chris Taeger (not verified)
120 Wall Street

The 2/3 line Wall Street stop also has exits to Pine Street. That is one block north of Wall. Head south above or below ground if you are at the back of the train.

When you get above ground, the street running North-south is William Street. As you go east, the next crossing street is Pearl Street. Then Water street, which is a wide street. After Water, the next street should be Front Street. On the North side of Wall street should be 120 Wall. If you reach an elevated highway (the FDR Drive) then you passed it.

If you get off the 4/5 Wall Street stop, you have to pass Federal Hall at Wall and Broad streets before you reach William Street.

Confused? Try this Mapquest link.

Happy Holiday Paaaaty

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Hans (not verified)
A useful Internet link for you
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Herb (not verified)

Take the 2 or 3 7th Ave line, or 4 or 5 Lexington Ave. line to Wall St. and walk towards the river. If you get to the river , you've gone too far.

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