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Hello. A friend of mine has a trunk-based rack but because of the way it hooks on, she can't open the trunk without removing the rack. We have seen cars go by with a rack that appears to hook onto *only* the lid of the trunk such that you could open the trunk with the rack attached, but we can't figure out the brand.

Also, there is no trailer hitch and we'd rather not add one.

Thanks for any help.


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Evan Marks (not verified)
deceptive appearances

Hmmm. Take a look at and - the ability to open the trunk would seem like a selling point but isn't mentioned as a feature of any of the racks. Gotta wonder why. Some of them appear to have the lower support resting on the bumper even if the straps don't extend past the bottom of the trunk. Does the trunk lid collapse when you open it with 60lbs of bikes and rack on it? Dunno. Maybe, maybe not. Time to start calling around to the bike shops for more info. Good luck.

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fred steinberg (not verified)
trunk rack /open trunk

I have a Weyler Stealth rack that allows the trunk to open a foot or so. It requires a rear bumper with a lip for the rack to rest on. Two clips go under the trunk lip and two more attach to autos frame. Its inelegant but cheap. Got it at Colorado Cyclist.

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Russ Berman (not verified)

I have a Thule rack (don't have the model number handy but it's available at virtually any LBS) that fit on the back of my old station wagon and would fit on the back of a sedan without impeding the opening. It's held on with straps that clamp under tension to the top and bottom of the door and stabilize a metal frame that braces against the door or trunk on rubber cushions. It works just well enough so that I never bothered to replace it. Problem is, as Evan notes: No trunk or rear door support is adequate to prevent the thing from crashing down on you when it's loaded with bikes. I tried it just once. When it isn't loaded with bikes, it really should be taken off--either the support posts stick out dangerously or if they're folded up the rack loses stability. Probably, the reason no one advertises a trunk rack that allows you to open the trunk when it's loaded with bikes is that you shouldn't open it when it's loaded with bikes. Suggest your friend get a roof rack or investigate a trailer hitch.

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Evan Marks (not verified)
station wagon

Beamer, Audi, VW, Subaru, even that little Volvo - any of them will fit bikes inside. No rack, no rain, no theft. The Mini? Gotta take both wheels off but it can be done if the bike isn't very large. The rumored wagon version should solve that problem nicely.

These are NOT your mother's station wagons...

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Shymember OK (not verified)

"Yes, I've found the best and easiest way to move 1-3 bikes is in the back seat of the car: cover the seat, remove the front wheels and put the bikes in opposite ways. Of course, this usually limits passengers to 2, in the front seats. Some cars have a fold-down back seat, so you can put a bike into the trunk and extend it into the rear passenger compartment.

Bike racks that attach to the trunk seem so unstable to me. I have a RhodeGear and it is called a Bike ""Shuttle"" - maybe not fit for interstate travel. If I really had to, I'd go with a roof rack or a trailer.

Good luck, S"

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Chris Taeger (not verified)
Trunk Rack that opens -- and Roof Rack for Sale


I have a Rhoade Gear trunk mounted bike rack. I do not know the model number, but I can open the trunk when mounted. However, there are some points to consider with my system of mounting:
1. I can't open the trunk with bikes attached - the bikes must be dismounted. Fortunately, I can get into my trunk because my rear seat has a fold down option.
2. I have the rack locked down to frame with a cable lock, or I place it in the trunk while I am away from the car.
3. To increase stability during transport, I use 2 bungy cords per bike. This puts the bikes on the car, not just the bike carrier.

I have a roof mount carrier that is for sale. Send me an email if you are interested, or have additional question

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