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"Just vaguely ""thinking about considering the possibility"" Ironman in the future and wondered if anyone had any thoughts on Ironman Florida vs. Lake Placid. (Kona would be nice but is not an option!)
From what I understand, some pros/cons are:
(1) LP is already full for 2003. Florida is still open.
(2) LP bike is tougher (hillier).
(3) LP swim may be easier (lake) - apparently Florida was quite choppy this year?
(4) Florida training coincides nicely with NYC Marathon (plenty of training partners/runs).

Anyone else considering one in 2003 and/or 2004?

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Basil (not verified)
speaking of which....Bo

as I surfed this year's photos, I thought I recognized #2120 (part-time) 1999 SIG leader, Bo Arlander........winning her age group yet again, in the phenomenal time of 10.33.
Congratulations Bo!¤tPic=14
OR (if above link doesn't work)

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Rosario (not verified)
considering GFT

I am actually considering the Great Floridian which
is a couple of weeks before IronMan FL. I like the fact that's late in the season, but it's hillier than IMFL +
swim in a lake.

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ginny somma (not verified)
ironman fl

I have done ironman fl twice '00 and '02. Even though it is flat it can be difficult. You are riding your big gear the whole time and it can be demanding on your body. There is never any let down. The bike can also be pretty windy too. The swim was re ally challenging this year although I hear last year it was like glass. The run is and out and back 6 mile course done twice.

Ironman Lake Placid closes up in a day or two so if you want to do that race, you have to line up in Lake Placid post race or sign up right after the race online. You can also try to qualify at Tupper Lake tinman for a spot. Ironman Florida doesn't fill up quite as fast.

If you are looking for a good first time Ironman race, I recommend Great Floridian in October. It's a well run event. The bike is challenging...yes there are hills in Florida!! There are also many spectators around the course. It's loads of fun and doesn't have the angst of tri-geeks trying to qualify for Hawaii.

Hope that helps


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Candice (not verified)
Great Floridain

I did the Great Floridian this year, as my first Ironman distance. It is very well run, and well supported. It is a very challeging bike course, the swim is in a lake and the looped run course is nice because it is very spectator friendly. It coincides nicely with the NYC marathon planned long runs, which I used in my training. You should consider this race for a first timer.

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her boyfriend (not verified)
she's very modest ...

... and what she didn't tell you is that she took 3rd in her age group and 22nd overall among the women! you go girl!

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basil (not verified)

"Thanks to all for comments.
Seems like the consensus is that Great Floridian is a good race to go for. I know it's only a logo but, personally, I can't help feeling it'd be nice, at least in an ideal world, to do a ""real"" Ironman (i.e. part of the Ironman franchise - and not to take anything away from Ironman-distance races) - given all the time and effort that goes into the training.
I may try to get a timely entry for Lake Placid 2004.

Looks like Ironman Florida 2003 may be academic soon anyway.
""More than 1930 athletes have signed up for the 2003 Ironman Florida triathlon taking place on Saturday, Nov. 8, 2003 in Panama City Beach.""

UPDATE 18 Nov 2002:
Ironman Florida 2003 is now FULL!

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