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Links to cue sheets, local info, buy/sell, ride lists, etc., etc.


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Ijaz (not verified)

The site looks pretty cool.

If any of you cycling New Yorkers will be in the Montreal area, check out my club's site:

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Steve Katzman (not verified)
When in Orlando...

Visit our club website to join in our rides.

Good luck,

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Mark Manzella (not verified)
St Paul, MN

Nice Job!

You can check us out at

SPBRC - Saint Paul Bicycle Racing Club

We are noticing a resurgence in performance bicycling. Anybody else?

Mark M.

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ScottV (not verified)
Ok so it's a mountain bike club

"Great site.

Here's a link to the site of our clubs LBS. If you hit the ""RIDES"" button at the top you can get some info on our club.


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Merlin (not verified)
local clubs

"A good local Atlanta club is:

If you like really long rides check out

Audax Atlanta"

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Jonathan Babiak (not verified)
Guest Club Website

I know Peter indirectly from This site looks great. Your message board is what you make of it. Here's our site. Best wishes!

We have juniors too!

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Dave B (not verified)
WPW Bicycle Club

I've corresponded with Pete about this web site on another cycling forum and it's all he promised. He did a great job and all you NYCC members owe him a big thank you!

I'm from Pittsburgh, PA and I'm the membership chairman and a board member of the Western Pennsylvania Wheelmen. We cover the City of Pittsburgh and all the surrounding counties. We have about 700 members and we have a variety of rides scheduled most weekends when the weather isn't too dreadful.

Check us out at and feel free to contact us if you're in the area. Bring your climbing legs or suitable low gears.

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