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The Legend of The Montenegrin Bird

">>My experience in recent years (not the case in years past) with Metro North personnel has been very positive; with the exception of Mr. Wagner they have let us on all trains ignoring the ""letter of the law""........mark<<

So you go and post the news on the Internet? By even advertising this fact, you may be killing the possibility of its continuing. I am reminded of the ancient Legend of the Montenegrin Bird:

A Montenegrin bird loved the rugged countryside of Montenegro so much that he decided not to fly south to Africa across the Mediterranean for the winter with his comrades.

""I shall stay here and enjoy the beauty of the majestic white capped mountains,"" he told his companions in his flock.

Winter came, blowing down from Northern Russia and Finland with a bitter icy blast. The little bird had never experienced such bone-chillikng cold. He froze solid, and fell off his icicle-covered branch onto the road below, nine tenths dead.

Just then, a peasant came by with his horse-drawn sled. He was a kindly old man, and when he saw the frozen bird, his heart was filled with pity. ""How can I help this wretched creature?"" he wondered.

At that very moment, his horse raised its tail and let fall a great lump of steaming manure.

""Ah hah!"" said the kindly peasant. He picked up the bird and plunged it into the lump of hot manure. Gradually, the bird, now insulated by manure-y warmth, regained consciousness. Aware that somehow he had been saved from the cold, he began to sing a cheery song.

Hearing the bird sing, the old peasant smiled a satisfied smile and continued on his way. But not five minutes later, a prince's hunting party came by, unhappily venting their frustration. They had been hunting all day, but had found nothing to shoot.

Suddenly, they heard the loud and cheerful chirp of the tiny Montenegrin Bird. The prince brightened.

""I say!"" he declared, ""Release that tiny creature from its lump of manure immediately, so that it may fly away!""

His footman ran and did so. The tiny bird fluttered its wings and took off into the icy sky. As he did so, the prince raised his blunderbuss to his shoulder and blasted the bird out of the sky, scattering its feathers as the dead creature plunged to earth.

That is the end of the story. But since this is a Montenegrin story, it of course has a moral. In fact, it has three morals.

1. It's not necessarily your enemies who get you into it.

2. It's not necessarily your friends who get you out of it.

3. If you're in it up to your neck, for the love of heaven don't sing!

So the trainmen on a certain line are doing you a great favor by violating the rules and endangering their own jobs to get you on a train?

Then shut up about it, idiot!

Your Pal,

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