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If I correctly understand Peter O'Reilly's note--and I may not--he has succeeded Robin in superintending our site. If so, not only good luck and good wishes to Peter--you've clearly got your work cut out for you and thank you, for the time and effort you've already put into re-creating the site--but thank you, Robin, for your enormous (and, in spite of all those posters who abused the site, your highly successful) effort and the mountain of time you contributed to creating the site in the first place.

You have earlier been accorded here testimonials of appreciation but if, in fact, you are relinquishing your position as site mistress, you are due them all over again. Thank you.


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Robin (not verified)
just to clarify...

Thanks for the kind words, Richard--just to clarify, Peter has created this new bulletin board system which is a great improvement over our former bargain version. He put in alot of work and those of us who enjoy this forum should be very grateful to him.

However, I'm not relinquishing the rest of the site just yet--but soon. (are you aware there's more to the NYCC site than the bulletin board? ;-)


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Herb (not verified)

Robin, say it ain't so. Please don't go.

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