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See the candidates and vote now!

Thank you to all who voted. The results are posted on the message board here.





Every year is an election year in the NYCC. So read on, click the links and look for the Ballot to go live on October 25th! Balloting will end on November 8th, at 5pm, the day of our November Club meeting

Over the past year the Board has conducted an extensive review of our Bylaws and have prepared some proposed changes in order to keep them up to date. For more details on the changes, click here.

We need to elect the Board of Directors/Officers who will serve for the calendar year of 2023.  This year's nominees listed below, to read their candidate statements, click here:


Position Candidate Currently on Board
President Leora Rosenberg Yes
VP of Programs Kara Anstett No
Secretary Colin Taber Yes
Treasurer Bob Gilbert Yes
VP of Rides Jerry Ross Yes
Escape New York Director Allan Friedman Yes
Content Editor Sheila O'Connor Yes
Volunteer Coordinator Charmaine Dixon Yes
A-Rides Coordinator Michael Diener Yes
B-Rides Coordinator Steve Vaccaro Yes
C-Rides Coordinator Jim Zisfein No
Membership Director Kym Blanchard Yes
Special Events Coordinator Denise Alvarez-Heller Yes
Public Relations Director Neile Weissman Yes
Webmaster Natan Elman Yes


You will be asked to vote for the Nominee or to select "abstain".  You must do one or the other.

MOST OF ALL, Thank you for taking the time to vote.  Our Club's vitality, indeed viability, is sustained by the Members' active interest in its affairs, and your informed vote definitely represents "giving back" to the Club in a very real way.

Leora Rosenberg



To Vote, Click Here

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