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Leora Rosenberg

Because my candidacy is unopposed, there’s no real need for a traditional candidate statement. But I wanted to write to you to say two things. First, thank you. Being your president this year has been an honor and a joy. Thank you for having me. Thank you for all you do for the club. Second, I want to share with you my perspective on what our tireless board and volunteers have achieved this year and what I hope we can achieve in the year to come:

2022 has been a year of rejuvenation. Our club’s mission is to provide cycling activities for the enjoyment of our membership, but in 2020 and 2021 many of our activities were paused or scaled back due to the pandemic. This year, we came back, putting on almost all of our usual annual programming and then some. That we were able to do so is a testament to what makes this club such a vibrant community: our volunteers. The combination of lost momentum and increased complexity of operating in the pandemic environment might have killed a lesser organization. We owe our resiliency to our enduring culture of volunteerism and to the importance that NYCC programming holds to our members. For our part as a board, we’ve facilitated that volunteerism, bringing our energy and best judgement to the tasks of supporting the rebirth of our programs and creating new guidance or policies where appropriate. I am proud of all of us for being back.

2022 has also been a year of innovation, especially with regards to how we support organizations that promote cycling to underrepresented populations and advocate for sustainable transportation solutions. This year, we launched two programs that go beyond NYCC to invest in the broader cycling community in the areas in which we ride. First, the “Roll It Forward!” program distributed $5K in grants to ten organizations whose work furthers cycling and helps to diversify the cycling community. Second, the YoungMajors NYCC program, created in partnership with Major Taylor, will introduce young people -- with an emphasis on Black, Latinx, and Asian boys and girls to the lifestyle and discipline of road cycling -- via a 6-week ride program. We also innovated within our ride program, launching "Ride Angels," which is will facilitate mentorship of new ride leaders. Other areas of innovation include the successful roll-out of our new cycling apparel and the introduction of new events like our gear swap, Haverstraw rides, and talent show. 

For the board, 2022 has also been a year of intense focus on process. If you’re not considering joining the board, you probably don’t want to know the details, but please know that the ultimate purpose of our efforts is to allow us to focus on the aspects of the club that do matter most for all of you. 

When I look forward to 2023, my focus will be connectivity. Our programs are outstanding, but many members are involved only in a small number of them. My own experiences with the club are a good example of connectivity at its best. I joined the club for the SIG, and my SIG leaders told me about other programs that I wanted to participate in. It seemed like every month there was an exciting event where I would see my new NYCC friends, and before I knew it, I felt so invested in the club that I was volunteering to make it better. And I had a growing number of NYCC friends behind me, friends who mentored me as I started leading rides and began serving as a board member. I would like that to happen for everyone. To get there, we’ll need to do two things better. First, our communication strategy and the infrastructure that supports it will need to focus on fostering those connections. Our existing communication can be fragmented, so we’ll all need to coordinate better to make that happen. Second, we’ll need to get better at welcoming everybody with open arms; I want all cyclists to see that ours is a special community and that we want to share it with them. 

Vice President of Programs

Kara Anstatt

Hello NYCC Members,

I’m a newer member to NYCC, so we may not have met yet. I first joined for the 2020 B-SIG, and we all know what happened then… 

I again became active in the club for the 2022 season, and after completing the B-SIG, have found myself going all in, and just saying “Yes!”: participating and leading rides, going to the New Paltz weekend, volunteering at club events, and meeting all you great folks that love cycling as much as I do.

I work in academic healthcare, where I’ve gained skills that I feel are transferable to the position of VP of Programs, including networking and fostering relationships with colleagues in my clinical and research work, and giving lectures at universities and to the public. I also was a camp counselor while attending university, so I know how to wrangle a crowd!

As VP of Programs, I aim to develop an engaging program of interest to our membership that will encourage attendance at our monthly membership meetings, fostering connection between club members of all riding styles and backgrounds. 

Thank you!


Vice Presisdent of Rides

Gerald (Jerry) Ross

I am Jerry Ross. I have been a member of NYCC for 30 years and I am standing for re-election to our Board as Vice President-Rides. My official duties, described in our By-Laws are to coordinate Club rides, and plan rides that occur in conjunction with special events. I am supposed to be assisted by our Ride Coordinators. Part of the job is to find and encourage ride leaders and establish rules governing the conduct of Club rides.

What I actually do as VP-Rides is not exactly as described in the by-laws. In fact, the Ride Coordinators do the heavy lifting coordinating and managing rides. I see my role as supporting our coordinators, mediating issues, with the help of our Ride Coordinators, that affect rides in general and dealing with riders and leaders who for one reason or another need assistance, encouragement, or admonishment. I also lead rides most weekends and led a C-STS group this past spring.

Like my colleagues on the Board, I do many other things besides the duties spelled out in the by-laws or raised by our Ride Coordinators. I am a general practice attorney with 5 decades of experience handling complex litigation, advising small corporations and partnerships and of particular relevance to our club, handling and litigating insurance coverage issues. I have applied that experience to our Club by managing a subpoena seeking documents in a bicycle accident case between two of our members and in supervising the defense of an action against the club brought by a member who was injured on a ride. That latter case is being defended by our insurance carrier; my role is to support and assist the very competent attorney who is defending the case for us. I was able in the subpoena matter, and now the direct lawsuit, to manage those matters because I had a lot of help from several of our fellow members. I also did the work involved, again with the help of others, to qualify our club as a public charity under §501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code. That designation does not change how the club functions but does allow us to be exempt from charging sales tax on our dues.

VP-Rides is an important position.My view is that my job is to do what I can to encourage more people to post and lead rides and serve our 3,000 members that way. I love the work and believe I discharge my duties competently. One thing I know is that I could not carry out my responsibilities without the help and support of my colleagues on the board, my fellow ride leaders and, most important, our members generally and those whom I have the privilege of leading on club rides.


Bob Gilbert

It has been a pleasure serving as the club treasurer for the last few years. I would like to continue this function since I hope you all think that I am doing a good job.  Each year I create a budget that the board reviews. Then each month I provide the board with complete year-to-date financials to review our progress against our budget and historical data. Sometimes I will perform an analysis of aspects of our financials that need some attention. Most important, I respond promptly to all membership and board questions. We are generous in our refund policy for those that would like to cancel and have been recently charged. I also am a Facebook administrator and answer many questions via that channel, especially to our new members. Finally, I help with some of the technical issues aiding our editor and webmaster.  


Colin Taber

I would like your vote as the Club Secretary for 2023!  The heart of the role is writing minutes for the Board Meetings as well as maintaining official documents and a few other bits. After spending 2 1/2 years as B-Rides Coordinator, I stepped into this role for the remainder of 2022 when the previous Secretary stepped aside for personal reasons.  I have experience running executive meetings and writing meeting minutes from my employment at a Fortune 500 company in another life, and thought it was a great opportunity to help the club.  Other contributions to the club include our Diversity & Inclusion Committee and the launch of the Young Majors program, as well as B16-SIG Captain and Volunteer Coordinator for Escape New York.

Membership Director

Kym Blanchard

My goal is encourage more memberships and  to make all members (long-term and new) feel welcomed and a valued member of the NYCC community.  In addition, I hope to work with the team to increase the benefits of membership and communicate the value of the organization louder.  I'm also thrilled and committed to furthering the efforts of the Marketing and  Diversity & Inclusion committees.  I welcome any suggestions on how to broaden our membership deeper into all parts of NYC.  Overall, I feel my position is to ensure that we fulfill the mission of the club and all members truly feel the benefits.


ENY Ride Director

Allan Friedman

Why am I running for this role for a 4th time, you might wonder?
I am and have been asking myself the same question. Should I or shouldn't I? 
Few people have done it more than twice. For most people involved in leadership ENY roles, it's "one and done". Two or more is a sure-fire recipe for burnout (though I've had quite a few people return - gluttons for punishment I guess - thank you Colin, Sam, Josiah, Jim and others) In my case, it is a combination of having grown to love the ride, the role, being on the board and being part of this awesome club. There truly is something for everyone in NYCC! And it's reflected in the ENY ride.
I had an opportunity to ride ENY in 2018, understudy a great ride director in 2019, speak to many prior ride directors in 2020 who shared vast amounts of experience - good, bad and ugly - but mostly, good. While we had to cancel 2020, we still raised funds selling apparel and through donations for our causes. Finally in 2021 and 2022, I had the opportunity to run two rides successfully. 
My main concern has been and remains - to find someone I could hand the ride over to with confidence that it would be handled in a manner that continues to make the club proud. It's hard to find people with experience willing to come back and actually run the ride. Know anyone? Send them our way - please. My goal for 2023, will be to offer that experience to people who step on to the management team. I will again work with the board to recruit management team members and volunteers EARLIER so that the pressure on those who do step up, is less. Building on our experience this year, I will propose investments to help make the job of ENY Director easier. We will leverage an approach we started in 2021 and continued in 2022 - coordinator role sharing. Make the volunteer, logistics, provisions, sponsorship and other key roles - team-based. It worked REALLY well this year in ROUTES, for example.
It's never to early to start recruiting. If you'd like to be part of our management team, please strike up a conversation with me at [email protected]!
Look forward to another great year in 2023,


Volunteer Coordinator

Charmaine Dixon
Hello I am Charmaine, prefer to go by Shamma  and I am running for reelection for my position of Volunteer Coordinator. 
I enjoyed serving my fellow cyclist in this role for my first year on the board. In my position I served on the Bylaws committee and the Marketing Committee. I revamped the Volunteer Incentive Program to make it more inclusive and to ensure that volunteers are recognized for their service to the club. I wanted to ensure our volunteers know they are valued for the time they give back to our all volunteer club. 
I have also taken on the role of helping to improve our presence on social media as well as collaborating and building relationships with other clubs by promoting their rides to our audience. I used our platform this year to promote and thank the women in our club that have given back to the club. I look forward to serving again if given the opportunity, I will continue to look for ways that I may give back to NYCC and to promote our club and to thank our volunteers. 

Public Relations Director

Neille Weisman

As PR Director, I maintain relations with Metro NorthLong Island Railroad, NJ Transit and the Central Park Conservancy—organizations the Club depends to run its ride programs.

In concert with other cycling groups, I lobby for legislation to make cycling safer and easier, to expand bike access across Port AuthorityMTA and NYC DOT-operated bridges, and to broadly expand recreational cycling opportunities across the region.(Although not strictly part of my role as PR Director, I also head up our New Paltz and Southampton cycling weekends, the Fall Foliage rides and R-STS.]

To make the Club relevant to New York's diverse communities, and help advance our mission to “further cycling,” I have designed rides and training programs with Cyclistas Latinoamericanos de New York and Black Girls Do Bike. I also administer the Club’s Roll it Forward! fund which gives $500 awards to community-based cycling organizations. 

As New York’s oldest and most prestigious bike club, we are positioned to champion cycling as a means to broadly enhance regional access to green spacepublic health, as well as environmental sustainability and resilience.  As your Public Relations Director, I will continue to do what I can to make that happen.

Content Editor

Sheila O'Connor

I have served as Content Editor for NYCC since April 2021 and have been a member of NYCC since 2014. It will be an honor to serve in that role again in 2023. I came to the position with professional experience managing websites, social media and email communications and I enjoy using my knowledge and skills to support my passion. As content editor, I have developed a content calendar for the NYCC monthly newsletter, provided timely additions and updates to the website, including promoting special events and monthly membership meetings, while providing seamless maintenance, ensuring it is functioning as it should. I serve on the marketing committee and have helped support Escape New York, the volunteer incentive program and many of the Club events.

My goal for 2023 is complete the re-design of the website and roll it out to our membership.


Natan Elman

It's been an honor to be on the board of NYCC since 2019 and serve members in the role of the Webmaster. I would like to continue helping the club in that role. I assist with technical questions that come from members regarding user accounts on the web as well as addressing issues that come up with the website. I will also be involved in migrating the website to a new technology.  

Special Events Director

Denise Alvarez-Heller

Have been a Financial Controller for 13 years.  5 of those in retail business and 8 currently in the construction industry.  Also have experience as a Project Manager in construction.  Both of these positions have given me experience in organization and operations management. 

Aside from the technical capabilities I just plain believe in the NYCC.  I know I am grateful to have been referred to the club and wish for its successful continuation. 

Rides Coordinators

A Rides

Michael Deiner

Serving as the A-rides coordinator in 2022 has been an honor and a pleasure. Creating supportive and inclusive rides has been a goal from the outset.I'm proud to support the efforts of our A-ride leaders to host weekly laps in Central Park and Prospect Park during the week. By offering multiple speed groups riders can find the speed that works for them weather they are new to A-level laps or seasoned veterans. Our Central Park team has been hosting weekly laps since June 2021 and are looking forward to carrying that into 2023. It's a great way to start the day and we encourage you join us!We have created a team that organizes weekend rides for NYCC members. Our typical ride has multiple speed groups to accommodate a wide range of riders. We typically end at a restaurant where everyone can celebrate together over food and drinks.To help build the NYCC cycling community, our team created the NYCC Slack workspace. It is full of cycling discussion, monthly socials, photo albums, and ride docs with helpful information for cyclists. I have been involved with a team developing a support system for new ride leaders so NYCC members have more ride options. Lastly, I've been providing support for NYCC technical initiatives including updating the website and growing our membership.I'm looking forward to riding with you and celebrating afterwards!

B Rides

Steve Vaccaro

I am running for re-election to serve my first full term as B-Rides Coordinator, having taken that role on an interim basis since August 2022 to fill a vacancy, while also serving out my 2022 term as Programs Director, a role I will exit in 2023.

My key qualification for the post is the development and consistent weekly listing of B-rides for several years, including “Winter 100K” rides to maintain fitness off-season. These rides are designed to expose participants to road, off-road, touring, and urban cycling, as well as to new destinations and athletic challenges, in a supportive group riding environment that de-emphasizes pacelining.  Leading these rides keeps me attuned to the concerns of B-ride participants and riders, which as B-Rides Coordinator I need to address and hopefully satisfy. In my two months on the job, I have done my level best to support the club’s B-rides Program by carefully reviewing, where appropriate commenting upon, and promptly approving all B-ride submissions. I also have played a role in organizing and leading the B-rides at club special events, such as the All-Class Ride and Escape New York.

It also bears mention that I have attended and participated in virtually every meeting of the club’s Board of Directors since I joined it.  I also support the club in other roles, including as a speaker on topics of bike law and advocacy, and through my law firm as a ten-year sponsor of Escape New York and other club events.

Please vote to re-elect me as B-Rides Coordinator so I can continue to support a diverse, robust, year-round B-rides program.

C Rides

Jim Zisfein

I am running for C-rides coordinator in 2023. I am a retired physician, 70 years old, and have been an NYCC member since 2013, I have served as ENY escorted rides coordinator, consultant to the club for pandemic-related guidance, and am an active C-ride leader with 20 rides led thus far in 2022. As C rides coordinator I plan to increase the number of C rides and thereby help to attract and retain club members who prefer these rides. I believe that NYCC should accommodate responsible cyclists at all levels and offer C rides not just for beginners but as an option for lifelong cycling enjoyment.


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