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Who runs this joint? It's time for 2021 Board of Director Nominations

Do you love this Club?

Can you offer your time and talent?

The NYCC is a 100% volunteer organization, the weekly rides, memorable events, great monthly programs and of course Escape New York, are all delivered by enthusiastic club members who chose to step up and lend their talents to help lead the club. Volunteering to serve as an NYCC board member is your way of shaping the future of the club, and we happen to think it's a lot of fun. 

Elections are held each year in November and nominations are open until October 10, 2023. All club members are encouraged to consider stepping up. Nominations can be submitted here.

How does this work? Well, our Club elects fifteen officers each year for a one year term. Those fifteen also form the Board of Directors for that year. Although incumbent officers often choose to run again, no offices are pre-assigned, and every Board seat is “open”. The role of President is the only Board position that is limited to three consective terms. 

So why would you want to do this? First, it’s a great way to get to know the Club, especially the parts you don’t experience otherwise. Second, it’s a great way to “give back” to the Club for all those wonderful rides, parties and SIGs from past years for which you paid hardly a song. And it’s fun!

What’s involved? The Board holds monthly meetings (90 - 120 minutes) to review and discuss issues and programs that have broad implications on the operation of the club. Board members are expected to participate and may be asked to take on special projects. Examples may include club policies, branding and legal issues. In addition, each officer has specific  responsibilities summarized below that will typically take a couple of hours each week (how many depends on the office). Skills? The Webmaster and Content Editor jobs need strong computer skills, and the Treasurer should be able to handle money. The other jobs principally require intelligence, creativity and a good attitude. You can do this.

What are the various offices? They’re listed below and are described in more detail in the Club’s Bylaws.

So how do you run? Nominate yourself or nominate someone you think would be good (but ask them first!) by clicking here and placing the members name in the nomination form.

We’re eager to increase the diversity of the Board in terms of race, gender, sexual orientation, gender identity and otherwise, so let’s have as many candidates as possible! But you (or they) do have to be a MEMBER.

Nominations close at 8pm on Tuesday, October 10th. The electronic ballot will become available on Tuesday, October 24th, and voting will continue until 8pm on Tuesday, November 7th, when results will be announced.

The current nominees are as follows:

President: Leora Rosenberg; VP Programs: YJ Chen; VP Rides: Colin Taber; Secretary: Bob Cohen; Treasurer: Bob Gilbert; Content Editor: Sheila O'Connor; Webmaster: Natan Elman; Marketing Director: Kym Blanchard; Special Events Director: Denise Alvarez-Heller; Public Relations Director: Neile Weissman; ENY Director: Allan Friedman; Volunteer Coordinator: Meredith Weill; A-Rides Coordinator: Michael Diener; B-Rides Coordinator: Steve Vaccaro; C-Rides Coordinator: Jim Zisfein


The Official Deal: The president shall be the chief executive officer of the Club and shall represent, or assign a member to represent, the Club to all outside parties; shall ensure that the agenda at all membership and Board of Directors’ meetings is carried out; and shall ensure that other elected officers are pursuing the duties of their respective offices.

The Real Deal: The face and voice of the Club – the leader who decides where the Club should be going. What do you need? Organizational and people skills, an engaging manner, a thick skin, and a vision!

Vice President Programs 

The Official Deal: The Vice President of Programs shall be responsible for producing special programs at membership meetings with the optional assistance of a committee; and shall assume the regular duties of the President if the President shall be incapacitated or in any way unable to perform those duties himself/herself.

The Real Deal: The Real Deal: The VP of Programs is the driving force of ALL Club meeting programming, whether in-person or virtual. You will organize and manage Club meetings, which entails lining up speakers and raffle items, getting the AV system set up and a host of other related duties. This is more than a one-person job so a large part of the job is to recruit help from other Club members to recruit speakers and manage meeting logistics.

Vice President of Rides 

The Official Deal: The Vice President of Rides shall be responsible for coordinating rides to be conducted under the aegis of the Club and shall ensure they are communicated to the club membership. He or she shall plan rides that occur in conjunction with special events; shall have the assistance of the Rides Coordinators in generating and coordinating ride leadership among the members; and with the approval of the Board of Directors, shall have the option of establishing rules governing the conduct of Club rides.

The Real Deal: If you want to make a difference with regard to how many rides the Club organizes, if you want to have a hand in recruiting the BEST leaders on the road, if your goals are safety AND fun, this is the job for you! You will support the three (3) Ride Coordinators, ride leaders, volunteers and club officers in developing policies and communications for the club in a variety of areas including club policies, managing accident reports and insurance claims. In addition, the VP of Rides work with the Ride Coordinators to help organize larger events like the All-Class, Newcomers rides, the Berkshires, New Paltz and Greenport weekends.


The Official Deal: The Treasurer shall keep an account of all moneys received and expended by and for the club; shall make disbursements authorized by the Board of Directors; shall present a report of the financial condition of the Club each month in preparation of the monthly Board meetings; shall render a complete statement of the Club’s financial condition and inventory of property annually for publication to the membership; shall be responsible for the possession of the corporate seal of the Club; shall respond promptly to membership fee inquiries; and shall create financial analyses as needed.

The Real Deal: You ARE the Club’s financial whiz! You are the Club's banker, bookkeeper, and financial officer all rolled into one. Familiar with Quickbooks or can learn it quickly. You collect all the money, pay all the bills, and keep all the financial records so that the Club's lights stay on. If you do not like balancing your own checkbook, or you always file your taxes late, this job may not be for you.


The Official Deal: The Secretary shall attend Board of Director meetings, shall keep a record of such proceedings; shall maintain a record of Club policies; and shall provide a copy of the current By-laws, policies, or any minutes, upon request by any member.

The Real Deal: This position may sound mundane, but think about it, you would be at the hub of NYCC, keeping your finger on the pulse. You cannot get a better bird’s eye view of the NYCC happenings than this – and with a vote to boot!

Marketing Director 

The Official Deal: The Marketing Director is responsible for branding, managing communications, social media, and marketing effort for the club and its events. The Marketing Director leads the Marketing Committee which is committee of the board, comprised of the Content Editor, Public Relations Director, ENY Director and other board members as needed. Non board members are welcome to serve on this committee. 

The Real Deal: This role evolved from the Membership Director role in response to changing needs of the Club. The role was finalized through Board vote in February 2023.

ENY Ride Director 

The Official Deal: The Escape New York Director shall coordinate all aspects of the annual ENY event.

The Real Deal: With the help of an able committee appointed by the ENY Director, he or she conceives, imagines, trumpets and guides the 10-month effort that culminates in the Club’s signature ride. Tasks of the ENY Director have included communicating actively with the committee, writing (emails, letters, ads, collateral), graphic design (jerseys, giveaways, crew shirts, ride logo, cards, posters, banners) snagging sponsors, maintaining sponsor relationships, nurturing community relations, fulfillment, setup/monitor active registration, publicity, including tabling at major bike events, arranging reciprocal bike club PR, getting listed on every bike calendar, Facebook and webpage maintenance, and creating a post-ride festival that will make riders want to stick around. 

Volunteer Coordinator 

The Official Deal: The Volunteer Coordinator shall be responsible for attracting, organizing, and assigning volunteers for the various Club activities requiring volunteers.

The Real Deal: Manages volunteers for various Club activities. Coordinates the yearly volunteer party, manages the incentive rewards process.

Public Relations Director

The Official Deal: The Public Relations Director shall represent the Club to the media and other organizations on all issues of public opinion, in order to win and maintain public support of the Club and cyclists in general; advise the Board on the public relations implications of Club policy and program decisions; and develop and distribute informational and promotional materials to the public.

The Real Deal: You are the person who represents the Club to the media and other organizations on all issues of public opinion; and answers questions posed by print, broadcast, online and freelance journalists and photographers regarding the Club. You represent the Club’s interests to government agencies as regards Members’ access to the roads, parks, bridges and mass transit; and to elected officials on cycling-related legislation.  You advise the Board on the PR implications of Club policy and program decisions.  

Content Editor 

The Official Deal: The Editor shall be responsible for composition and production of the Bulletin, which shall include a list of all Club events, a summary of the proceedings of Board of Directors’ meetings, and other business the Board of Directors may order for distribution to the membership, and at the Editor’s discretion, materials submitted for publication by members of the Club or outside parties. The Editor shall also maintain a file of past Bulletins.

The Real Deal: The Content Editor is responsible for preparing all communications on behalf of the club. This includes  the managing website (weekly), creating pages and events as requested from other board members, preparing and sending regular newsletters and posting to social media. Experience working as an adminstrator within Drupal, MailChimp, YouTube, Facebook, Instagram and Twitter is ideal. 


The Official Deal: The Webmaster shall set up and maintain the Club’s Website and any other electronic publishing systems the Board of Directors deems appropriate for the benefit of membership.

The Real Deal: The new NYCC website, based on the Drupal web-development environment, relieves the Webmaster of most routine file management in support of content contributors (writers, photographers, etc.), although the Webmaster needs to provide training to new content contributors. The Webmaster also may be required to master several drupal maintenance skills. This will require study of Drupal and patient discussion and compromise with other club officers.

Rides Coordinator


The Official Deal: Rides Coordinators shall, under the direction of the Vice President of Rides, generate and coordinate ride leadership among the class of riders for which they are responsible

The Real Deal: As a Ride Coordinator, you will find yourself corralling leaders, helping leaders with route planning, and reviewing ride submissions. Challenges include encouraging riders to move from participant to leader and maintaining a comprehensive ride leader database. Best part of being a Ride Coordinator is seeing the volume of rides that we offer every week and knowing that it all happens thanks to our amazing volunteer members.

Special Events Director 

The Official Deal: The Director of Special Events shall coordinate special events, such as social events for all members of the Club.

The Real Deal: As the Director of Special Events, you will identify, organize and run both non-cycling social events, such as the NYCC holiday party, Volunteer Recognition Dinner, ice cream social, and other social events for all members of the Club. You will also organize and run Club cycling events in league with the Ride Coordinators, such as the All-Class and Newcomers Rides, etc.


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