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Wanna Ride? Check out the Explore Your City rides in the ride library.

Wanna Ride?

Illustration by Mike Samuel


Yes, you can Ride!

While the Club still cannot offer group rides, you can ride solo or with a trusted friend, keeping a safe distance between you, and complying with public health recommendations. Many of you don’t want to stray too far afield, so we’ve spent the last couple of weeks updating our NYCC Ride Library, particularly the New York City Region to create Explore Your City® rides.  Check it out here. There are so many interesting places to ride within our five boroughs, so many new protected bike lanes, greenways, and bike paths. Get out and explore! We’re continuing to add routes, so check back often.

Worried about bathrooms and food?  Here are some tips: New York City has kept its parks open and the Parks Department has been doing a terrific job of maintaining its public restrooms. Restrooms that are within playgrounds are mostly closed, but there are many other park restrooms that are open, clean, and well-stocked. Often, the handicapped stall is big enough to bring your bike in. We’ve posted a list of bathrooms we know to be open, and we’ll try to update it with new information.  You can find it here on the NYCC Message Board or on the New York Cycle Club Members Only Facebook page.

Bring your own lunch or find a deli – many are open for takeout – and have a picnic in a park or on a boardwalk. Google maps has updated many restaurants & delis on the map as to whether they’re temporarily closed or open for takeout. So check the area you’ll be riding in for open food stops.

We encourage you to wear a mask or face covering when you’re on a bike path or other crowded area. Please be courteous to pedestrians and be alert for children. These NYC routes are not meant for speed, but they’re perfect for getting out to enjoy a beautiful spring day.


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