Interested In Volunteering?

It’s a great opportunity to meet new riding friends and fulfill your desire to give back to the Club. Your volunteering is appreciated by all. After all, volunteers like you make the NYCC possible.

Here are several major volunteer areas with contact points. Find an area that suits your interest, email the appropriate contact and join hundreds of other NYCC volunteers who are doing things they enjoy and are making the Club better for us all.

For general questions and information email [email protected]

Volunteering at New York Cycle Club

We have no paid staff at New York Cycle Club, yet our Club bursts with vitality. It is a high-functioning organization with year-round offerings of rides, events, monthly programs, the SIG & STS, and Escape New York - our annual signature ride. All these activities and more are made possible by the volunteered services and the camaraderie of like-minded members who have a common interest, their love of cycling.

All of us make NYCC the rich community that it is, but volunteered services make it all possible. To sustain this richness the Club needs volunteers like you. There are so many possibilities. You are bound to find an activity that you enjoy, and you service will make a difference. We will celebrate your efforts at the end of the season at the annual Volunteer Party. Volunteer!

Here are some special activities where we need volunteer support :

  • Lead C rides for our newer members even if you’re a faster rider

  • Promote the Club at Summer Streets

  • Write Articles for the Club to be published on the website & eWeekly

  • Publish Content for the Club online

  • Submit Photos for galleries, Photo of the Week, or your own special projects

  • Develop your own program of interest for members at a venue you arrange

  • Do you know Drupal? Are you a programmer? Work with our webmaster to refine the website

We Welcome Your Suggestions and New Ideas

We love suggestions when they are accompanied by follow-through!

Send your suggestions about new events to [email protected]

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