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Spring Training: The 2022 C-STS

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Tuesday, March 22, 2022 - 9:00am

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Register Here - C-Riders - Spring Ride Offerings Information Session - Feb 3

Register Here - "All About The SIG & STS" Club Meeting Feb 8

Online registration for the SIG/STS programs will open on the morning following the SIG/STS/Racing Team Introductory Meeting. The exact time will be first announced at the meeting and posted on NYCC's website after it.

Both meetings are open to members and non-members. 


The C-STS (Spring Training Series) is a non-instructional series of rides for experienced cyclists with good group riding skills. The goal is to get fit, make new friends, discover the wonderful cycling we have in the metro area, enjoy memorable lunch stops and ride safely. Each week we will progressively increase distance and include more challenging terrain. 

This year there will be C-STS rides on both Saturdays and Sundays starting in the middle of March and running until the middle of June.

You are not required to commit to the entire series and you can choose to do the Saturday or Sunday STS each weekend, just not both. All participants should be graduates of a SIG or have equivalent group riding skills. If you are not sure that C-STS is right for you, contact [email protected].

We will list the rides on the NYCC website. Sign up on online just as you would with a regular NYCC ride. You should enable Ride Notification Subscription on so you get notifications when the rides are listed so you can sign up promptly if you wish to ride.

We will do our best to accommodate everyone and we ask your help. PLEASE be considerate of your fellow riders. If you can't show up for a ride please withdraw online so that spot can be filled with another qualified rider. This applies to the wait list too.


Your leaders will be experienced NYCC ride leaders. If you have questions or need additional information contact Marc Simkin  at [email protected]

Ride Calendar

Jerry's Saturday STS
Date Destination Distance Route
26-Mar-22 Demarest 30 To be provided
2-Apr-22 State Line Lookout 35 To be provided
9-Apr-22 Staten Island 47 To be provided
16-Apr-22 Mamaroneck 45 To be provided
23-Apr-22 Park Ridge 50 To be provided
7-May-22 Nyack via Bradley, return Mario Cuomo Bridge 55 To be provided
14-May-22 Bridges of Ulster County 38 To be provided
4-Jun-22 Nyack via Congers Causeway 65 To be provided
Jim's Sunday STS
Date Destination Distance Route
13-Mar-22 Teaneck, NJ 30
20-Mar-22 Hartsdale, NY 35
27-Mar-22 Croton Reservoir Triple Cross 40
3-Apr-22 Kensico Dam 40
10-Apr-22 River Vale, NJ 45
17-Apr-22 Mario Cuomo Bridge 50
8-May-22 Rockland Lake, NY 60
15-May-22 Lake Minnewaska 50


  • Sunday, March 22 - You will be taking MetroNorth back to the city from Croton-Harmon.
  • Saturday, May 14 and Sunday, May 15 - You will be using MetroNorth to/from Poughkeepsie.

If you are not comfortable taking the trains, please do not sign up for these rides.



  • HELMETS: mandatory for all riders.
  • FACE COVERINGS: Must wear when indoors.
  • PACE: The C-STS rides are at a C-13 pace. You will be expected to maintain an average of 13 mph on the flats.
  • NYCC MEMBERSHIP: All riders must be NYCC members.
  • PUNCTUALITY: Please be punctual, preferably arriving at the start 10 minutes prior to the start time. It is not fair to keep a group waiting, especially in the cold weather we often have early in the season. If you are using mass transit be sure to check the subway and train advisories and timetables before you leave your home to ensure prompt arrival. If you are using MTA Trip planner you should plan to take a train that is one or two trains earlier than the one that gets you to the start at exactly the start time.
  • BICYCLE: Riders must arrive at the start with a bicycle in good working order, suitable for road riding conditions, and maintaining C-13 pace.
  • ACCESSORIES: Please bring two spare tubes, a pump or CO2 charger, and water bottles filled with water or sports drink.
  • FOOD: Always bring pocket food.
  • MECHANICAL SKILLS: You are expected to know how to change a flat tire (although we will help).
  • GROUP RIDING SKILLS: The C-STS leader team reserves the right to disqualify any rider who fails to demonstrate acceptable group riding skills such as riding in straight line, respecting pedestrians and obeying vehicle and traffic law. Safety is our #1 priority.
  • RIDING ABILITY: No one will be dropped on our rides. However, we will assess rider capability early on. If we see that a rider is struggling before we leave the city or has other difficulties, they will be asked to bail at a convenient subway stop or train station. On many rides there will be no other bail options except an expensive taxi ride back to the city.
  • SCHEDULE CHANGES/CANCELLATIONS: Any last minute changes or weather cancellations will be posted on the NYCC message board at 7:00 a.m. on Sunday morning. You will also be notified by email.
Spring Training: The 2022 C-STS
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