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B-SIG Resources

2014 B-SIG Schedule

Classification Ride: Saturday, March 1
Rides 2-10: Saturdays, March 8-May 3

Contact: [email protected]

B-SIG Coordinator

  • Fred Leffel


B-SIG Captains

  • Bob Mirell
  • Joe Hunt
  • Valli Weiss

B-SIG Leaders

  • Victor Baruh
  • Miguel Bermudez
  • Michael Bernstein
  • Marisa Bibens
  • Julie Blackburn
  • Neil Botwinoff
  • Beth Bryson
  • Carol Casalino
  • Joe Casalino
  • Stephanie Cheng
  • Regina Chiu
  • Deb Cooper
  • Richard Embry
  • Paul Farr
  • Maura Ferguson
  • Ed Fishkin
  • Fred Harris
  • Christopher Hartmann
  • Bill Kinn
  • Klein Bradley
  • Cathline Marshall
  • Monica Miller
  • Claire Mordas
  • Jorge Negrin
  • Norbert Phillipps
  • Alicia Principe
  • Chuck Radcliffe
  • Tim Reidy
  • Douglas Riccardi
  • Paul Rogalinski
  • Jerry Ross
  • Dave Sabarese
  • Ken Scher
  • Peter Storey
  • Quan Tran
  • Kurt Wagner
  • Ron Wechsler
  • Linda Wintner
  • Helen Wong
  • Sandra Zeuner
  • Janet Zinberg


2014 B-SIG

Saturday, March 1, 2014 - 12:00pm

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Registration is now closed for the 2014 B-SIG.

Information about the 2015 B-SIG will be posted in early 2015.

Cue Sheets for the 2014 B-SIG will be added below as they become available

2014 B-SIG Cue Sheets and GPS Links
March 8, 2014
March 15, 2014
March 22, 2014
March 29, 2014
April 5, 2014
April 12, 2014
April 19, 2014
April 26, 2014
May 3, 2014


Do you want to ...

  • Learn how to ride safely in a group?
  • Learn good bike-handling skills?
  • Improve your strength, speed and stamina?
  • Get to know some great NYCC routes?
  • Learn how to work as a team to make any ride easier and more enjoyable?
  • Learn the best places to go for a cold beverage after a ride?

If you're answering yes to a lot of these questions, you'll love the B-SIG 10-week Progressive Training & Cycling Skills series for 2014!

The B-SIG is divided into 3 different pace levels:

B-16 pace − progresses from a 40-mile ride at 14 mph on the first ride, to a 70-mile ride (with an option to do 100 miles) at 16 mph by early May.

B-17 pace − progresses from a 45-mile ride at 15 mph on the first ride, to a 95-mile ride (with an option to do 105 miles) at 17 mph by early May.

B-18 pace − progresses from a 45-mile ride at 16 mph on the first ride, to a 95-mile ride (with an option to do 105 miles) at 18 mph by early May.

When you sign up for the B-SIG you do not choose your pace level. Your leaders will assign you to an appropriate level based on a 4-lap ride around Central Park on week 1.

The New York Cycle Club and the B-SIG are committed to making our group rides as safe as possible. The B-SIG will emphasize safe cycling habits. We urge you to review Bicycle Safe, an informative website for cyclists.


The B-SIG begins on Saturday, March 1 and continues through Saturday, May 3. The March 1 meeting will consist of 4 laps around Central Park followed by an indoor orientation session. The actual group rides will take place over the next 9 weeks. If a Saturday ride needs to be postponed due to weather, the ride will be made up on Sunday.


Signing up for the B-SIG means you have made a commitment to spend 10 consecutive Saturdays cycling with us this spring. You are not permitted to miss more than 2 of the group rides. In addition, you cannot miss more than 1 of the first 2 group rides.

For more details about the B-SIG, email [email protected].

Will the B-SIG be challenging?
It sure will!

Will the B-SIG teach me really good cycling skills?

Will the B-SIG be fun, friendly and rewarding?
You can count on it!

Towards the end of the B-SIG, the leaders will make suggestions on organizing and leading club rides. While the SIG is free, we expect that each participant will give back to the club, preferably by leading a ride or by volunteering for a club activity after the SIG.

2014 B-SIG
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