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July 2017 President's Message

I have been accused of being the corniest President in the history of the NYCC.  I don’t know why . . . .

Cycling is like life.  They say all sports are a microcosm of life.  Sport is being part of a larger community, giving back to that community.  It is the joy and gratitude and friends that come from that community.  It is facing adversity, raining and stormy and miles and miles.  It is that monster hill, bigger than any ever before. 

It is the community – the group - the pack – the paceline – the team.    Riding out front is the toughest – the wind hits you straight on, beats you constantly, tears you down.  It is here, out front, where you sacrifice for the community.  You take the brunt of the wind so the community can prosper, so they can ride, so they can accomplish.  And when you can’t do it any more, when one more turn of the pedal is impossible, when the wind has beaten you to submission, you pull off the front, go to the back, hide from that treacherous wind behind the pack.  Someone else takes their turn up front, takes up the battle, your team mate, your partner, your community.  They do for you what you did for them, so you can rest, recover, so you can live to fight another day.  That bike up front is your friend, your savior, your partner in life.  Without that partner, you are dropped from the ride, you are left behind, you are nowhere, you are done.   

Your team mate.  Your friend.  Your family.  Your community. One for all, all for one; the creation of success for one and all.  Adversity, togetherness, sacrifice, prosperity.  They call it life.

Get out and go for a ride – enjoy life.



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