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The cliques of the New York Cycle Club . . . . .

The NYCC is famous – infamous? – for its many cliques.  There are the fast bikes, the slow ones.  There are the “old timers” and the youngsters, cool people, nerds, early morning lap riders, weekend warriors, groupies, loners, retro grouches, carbon devotees, one clique after another, on and on and on.
On Tuesday, February 28th, I was with the coolest clique in the Club. I was with the “In Crowd”.  The In Crowd was celebrating their extraordinary coolness at the Volunteers’ Dinner party.  What a crowd.  Some fat, some skinny, some young, some old, some fast, some slow, all cool people.  The In Crowd – volunteers of the New York Cycle Club. The coolest people in all the land.  The New York Cycle Club honors their “In Crowd” with a Volunteers’ Dinner party each and every year.   
I’m in with the in crowd.
I go where the in crowd goes
I’m in with the in crowd
And I know what the in crowd knows.
We breeze up and down the street,
Get respect from all the people we meet
At the volunteer dinner there were ride leaders, board members, ENY volunteers, Newcomers Ride organizers, Memorial Day weekend planners, it was the “In crowd’.  
You can be a part of the in crowd, you can be one of the coolest in the land.
When you volunteer, you have automatic entry.
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