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April 2017 President's Message

the New York Cycle Club. . . .

Really, this is an unbelievable Club made up of unbelievable people.

I was on a ride the other day. Next to me was a corporate wunderkind whose name is in the NY Times on a regular occurrence. On the other side is an unemployed window washer. The window washer is effortless on his bike, quiet body, elegant cadence, bike shined to a luster – the corporate wunderkind was intimidated by the window washer – go figure.

Two bikes back was a lady from a country I never heard of, speaking with an accent so thick I couldn’t understand a word she said. ‘Cept I did understand her when she zoomed past me on the hill – she was clearly saying, “bye, bye” as she flew on by. I am taking the C SIG this year – the nicest, happiest, smileyest, cyclists ever. These people – most of them new to the Club and new to Cycling – made me love the Club all over again.

Just made reservations for Memorial Day weekend in the Berkshires. Cutesy bed and breakfast, great club dinner party, the prettiest terrain ever to ride in. Every time I go, it’s the best ever.

We’re in the planning phase of ENY – 100++ club members volunteer to make that day happen for all cyclists in NYC. Every penny we earn on that event goes to a local charity in our community. Every single penny. Did I already say it makes me love the Club all over again?

The NYCC, it is an unbelievable Club made up of unbelievable people. Did I already say that? Christy

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