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Volunteer of the Month . . . .

We had about 60 members in attendance at our Holiday party three years ago.  There were about 120 members there two years ago.  And this past December, our most recent Holiday Party – 200 members signed up. It was a smashing success. 

Our Special Events Coordinator, Bob Gilbert, searched for and found a place that could accommodate us.  Then he planned the menu.  It could not have turned out better.

It felt like in a matter of days, the venue was “sold out” – at capacity.  I was with Bob when that number was reached.  Sure enough, moments later, a call came in from a member, “Can I come to the Holiday Party?” 

Bob said, “Sure, come along”.

I asked Bob about that.  The party is sold out, at capacity, how are you going to accommodate more than the amount the room can fit? 

Bob said, “We’ll find a way.”

Then he went on, “After all, what kind of a Club are we if members can’t participate on Club events?”

Bob Gilbert is our Volunteer of the Month for December, 2017.



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