James Gilbert, February Volunteer of the Month

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There I was, on an Attack to Nyack ride with some very fast cyclists, hanging on for dear life, trying with all my might to not get dropped. Each time my turn at the front came up, I instantly pulled off and slid to the back of the line to suck wheel. Whoa – these bikes are moving fast!

Finally, we get to the Runcible Spoon for a snack and a break. I was trying to come up with a reason – excuse - not to ride back with this group; injury? mechanical? family issue? indigestion? ground hog attack? One of the guys says to me, “How come the NYCC doesn’t have a racing team?” I thought for a moment, “I don’t know. We are a volunteer organization; I guess no one has volunteered to set one up.” He said, “I’ll volunteer to set up a racing team for the Club”. I said, “Okay”.

The next thing I know; the New York Cycle Club has a racing team. We’ve got kits, coaches, training schedules, and about 60 men and women from the Club participating on a NYCC Racing Team that never existed before.

James Gilbert was the guy I was talking to at the Runcible Spoon that day. And all I said was, “Okay” - James did the rest. It never ceases to amaze me what one member – one volunteer – can do for our Club. Thank you, James.

James Gilbert, you are our Volunteer of the Month.

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