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We are not outlaws. . . .

No, we do not blow through intersections cursing at old people.  We do not run down little dogs on the streets.  We do not spit at little children.  We yield the right of way.  We ride safe.  We are not outlaws.

Each spring, our SIG programs teach safe cycling to hundreds and hundreds of cyclists.  Each fall, our Escape New York extravaganza generates funds 100% of which are donated to people in need in our community.  Our members are primary supporters of the Kids’ Rides which was actually started by a NYCC member.  The Kids’ Rides give inner city children an opportunity to learn about bicycles, learn about setting goals, learn about working together, and experience a piece of life outside the urban environs they live.

We are not outlaws!  A NYCC member, one of our very own, plans and organizes an escort gathering that enables disabled athletes to compete in the New York City Marathon.  Can you imagine; each competitor has along with them several cyclists to clear the road, keep it open, to show them the way. . . so they can complete. . . so they can be safe.   One of our very own did that for those special athletes – our Michael Gately did that.

Michael Gately is our Volunteer of the Month.

Congratulations, Michael.

And Thank You.



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