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2016 Elections Results

(posted by George Arcarola)

Congatulations to the 2016 Board of Directors!

566 members voted! (a new record since I've been involved!)

Club President: Christy Guzzetta 392, Neile Weissman 161, 13 Abstentions...

Amendment to change Presidential term limits defeated: 274 nay, 255 aye...

Amendment to change voting procedure to align with NY State guidelines for non-profits: 430 aye, 90 nay... amendment passes..

All other candidates approved- VP Programs- Eden Weiss; VP Rides- Jerry Ross; Webmaster- Israel Forst; Treasurer- Susan Sun; Content Editor- Brian Van Nieuwenhoven; Secretary- Peter Storey; Special Events Coordinator- Yvette Kosic; Volunteer Coordinator- Christopher Hartmann; Membership Coordinator- Gal Natel; ENY Coordinator Sam Lunetts; A-Rides- David Beckley; B-Rides- Jim Finder; C-Rides- Michael S. Bernstein...

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