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Bill Strachan first joined the Club way back in the 70’s.  He has ridden on some of the more heroic rides in our repertoire including Boston Montreal Boston and Paris Brest Paris.
He hasn’t been riding of late – he’s recovering from an injury he received not too long ago in Afghanistan. 
Nevertheless, Bill pitched in to help make Escape New York a success.   As he explained, he was looking at his favorite Club’s - the New York Cycle Club’s -  Facebook page and began reading about ENY.  He called late Thursday, September 22nd and asked, “Can I help?”
He first picked up a van early Friday morning, loaded it in sequential order with provisions for a number of the rest stops.  He reappeared at 5:30 AM Saturday morning, finished loading his van, and delivered food and supplies to various rest stops.  When he got to Rockland Lake, he stayed there to help provide food and drink and nourishment and encouragement to the riders throughout the day.        
He then returned with the van to Sakura, help unload it, loaded up the food donation for the Riverside Church Food Pantry, delivered it and returned in time to accompany us to the storage locker, where he helped put away the rest of ENY’s supplies.   Finally, he returned the van to W. 37th St., after which he headed home after midnight for a well-deserved rest. 
Most of the volunteers had one job for ENY. Bill took on FOUR, and he executed each with distinction, grace, and inexhaustible patience.
Bill hasn’t been riding his bike – he’s recovering from an injury.  Nevertheless, Bill Strachan is our Volunteer of the Month.
Thank you Bill
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