“Jay’s LoHud Ride Series/West Bank Vistas”-Interesting Facts

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“Jay’s LoHud Ride Series/West Bank Vistas”-Interesting Facts

By Jay Jacobson, member since the 1990’s

Number of cyclists on the ride over the past 15 years: 3000+

3000 cyclists X 55 miles (avg ride) =165,000 miles

Number of accidents requiring medical attention among the 3,000+ cyclists in 165,000 miles: 0

Tickets issued by police to group members: 1; to leader: 0

Cyclists stung by bees: 3

Cyclists having heat problems: 3 (treated by leader by dumping contents of his water bottle on their heads)

Years leader has resided in area of rides: 44

Times leader and rides were lost: 0

Times slow cyclist was dropped, got lost and disoriented, spent the night roaming and wandering the wilds of Rockland County: 0

Most unusual thing which happened at a rest stop: Cyclist expressed breast milk to bring home to her baby.

Most stupid questions asked by a cyclist: 1. “How do I get to my Manhattan apartment from the G.W. bridge?”  2. “What is the name of that body of water?” (pointing to the Hudson River)

Best co-leader: Susan Rodetis

Best rest stop hostess (also best photographer & tandem stoker): Joan Jacobson

Youngest rider:  age 1 (Torok baby riding for a short while as a passenger on mom’s bike)

Oldest rider: 76

Longest ride in series: 80 miles r/t to Haverstraw Marina

Honors received: 1. Bicycling Magazine named it one of the best club rides in the U.S. (2007)  2. Leader was named best dressed NYCC cyclist (2003)

Best bike shop on the route: Piermont Bike

Best rest stop eatery: Route 9W Palisades Market & Filling Station

Best sandwiches: Canzona’s (Piermont)

Best bakeries: Gateau Suisse (Orangeburg), DidierDumas & Runcible Spoon (both in Nyack)

Most enthusiastic fan to see off rides at starting point: Eleanor Roosevelt

Leader’s favorite role models: Irvs Weissman and Schacter

Biggest group in history of series: 45

Smallest group in history of series: 0 (no one showed up)

Number of nationalities on rides: about 40

Total number of flats and mechanicals sustained by leader in 4,000 mile history of ride: 0

Times ride canceled due to leader’s illness: 0

Times in the past 5 years group was moderately or heavily rained upon: 0

Number of countries cycled in by leader: 60

Number of US states cycled in by leader: 50

Provinces and states of Canada and Australia cycled in by leader: all

Total number of lifetime cycling miles by leader: 125,000 (around the earth at equator 5 times)

Pedal strokes by leader in lifetime: approximately: 37,500,000

Future goals of leader:

  1. Lead ride(s) over Tappan Zee Bridge (2018)
  2. Complete 40th Backroads tour (hopefully in 2017!)


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