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Cheryl, a member for only about 1 ½ years has embraced what the NYCC is all about – paying it forward.

She told me “I owe the Club as big thank you for making me so welcome”.   And she paid it forward.  The newcomers’ ride – the lunch was spectacular, the event made so many new members feel a part of our club.  So... naturally, when planning for the All Class club ride came along, Cheryl was invited to take a leadership role.

“I’d like to” she said, “but I can’t”.  She went on to explain, “I am working on a project – it’s a two-hour drive away from home.  And when I arrive, I begin the day with a group of people and we are at it throughout; the morning hours, through lunch, till dark.  Then it’s a 2-hour drive home.  I have no time, no flexibility, I am sorry”.

The next morning, I received a note; “What do you think of this menu?’ Cheryl wrote.  “I can have it delivered to the picnic area and set up for lunch at 1:00 PM”.  Wow, great menu, I got hungry just looking it over.  The next day I received another note from Cheryl, “As I told you, Christy, I don’t have the time to devote to this.  So I put together a team of 6 members to make it all happen”.  Wow, thank you Cheryl.  The next day yet another note, “Be sure the leaders are there by 1:00 PM. Also, we need an A19 ride, maybe a B17 as well”.  The next day another note, “You have invited guests from Major Taylor Iron Riders – how many do you anticipate will come.  I want to be sure our guests are well taken care of.”

I rode on the All Class Club ride that day, went to the picnic, I was so happy guests from Major Taylor Iron Riders were able to come.  Our guests were taken care of in the way only the New York Cycle Club can.  And all the day long I saw smiles, heard laughter, saw people enjoying being together, being a part of the New York Cycle Club.

Thank you Cheryl Aiken, you are undoubtedly our Volunteer of the Month.


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