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The Ride Options:

A-Rider Signup -
B-Rider Signup -

Routes and Cuesheets:

Happy Hour: 
After the ride, for those who come in early and have time to unwind, we'll gather to hang out at Montauk Brewing Company, 62 S Erie Ave, Montauk (easily reachable from Edgemere St on the way to the train). We'll be there until at least 6pm, though riders looking to board the later train (7:30pm) may linger around longer unofficially.
* Bring a bungie cord for securing your bicycle on a train
* Bring your MTA "bike pass"
* Bring cash and/or credit cards in case of an emergency
* Print their own cue sheet and/or load their GPS device with the correct route
* Bring enough cash to use for incidentals, even if you have a credit/debit card
* Bring two spare tubes, a pump, a patch kit and tire levers so that you can change/fix a tube
* Stay with a leader, or at least one riding partner at all times
* Bring a mobile battery charger -OR- turn off power to your mobile phone during riding segments to conserve power 
* Bring a print copy of the cue sheet even if you have a GPS device
* Bring enough snacks to eat, and eat/drink frequently
Train Assignments:
Outbound trains to Babylon are at 6:55a, 7:15a, 7:55a.
Same day return - inbound to Manhattan from Montauk, board the 5:30p or 7:30p train from Montauk

Additional Info For The Ride Itself:

Info & transit connections for the starting locations (NYC, Babylon) will be provided. No SAG will be provided. Rest stops will aim for local businesses - no ride-included comfort stations will be provided. 

Many riders may choose to stay in Montauk and work their way back to NY over the next few days. There are two early-evening LIRR trains back to the city as well (each should be able to take a certain amount of bicycles; together they should be more than we need, as our aim is to have all groups in Montauk before the 5:30pm train).

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