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New York Cycle Club is the sum of its volunteers.

Weekly rides.   Newcomers.  All Class. Berkshires.  July 4th.  The SIGs.  Programs at monthly Club meetings and special events.   Volunteers and Holiday parties.  Ice Cream Social.  Club gear.  Escape New York.  The website and eWeeklies.  They’re all the result of a co-member stepping up and doing it.  Nothing happens by accident!

And each September, the Club starts accepting nominations for the next years Board of Directors.  Consider it an opportunity to:

  • Pay it forward for all the wonderful experiences you've had
  • Broaden your skillset 
  • Eat pizza, drink beer and talk shop with a can-do group of fellow cyclists
  • Help make NYCC the best kick-ass bike club it can be


Additionally, the Board has approved the creation of a new officer and director position of Volunteer Coordinator. The new Volunteer Coordinator position would replace that of Merchandise Manager and would be responsible for attracting, organizing and assigning volunteers, shall organize the annual volunteer party and shall design and periodically review the Club's incentives program. The first Volunteer Coordinator will be elected at the Club's November 2015 elections.

The final candidates are listed below:

  • President - Neile Weissman, Christy Guzzetta
  • VP of Programs - Eden Weiss
  • VP of Rides - Jerry Ross
  • Secretary - Peter Storey
  • Treasurer - Susan Sun
  • Public Relations Director - OPEN
  • Content Editor - Brian Van Nieuwenhoven
  • Webmaster - Israel Forst
  • Membership - Gal Natel
  • Special Events Coordinator -  Yvette Kosic
  • A-Rides Coordinator - David Beckley
  • B-Rides Coordinator - Jim Finder
  • C-Rides Coordinator - Michael S. Bernstein
  • Escape New York Director - Sam Lunetta
  • Volunteer Coordinator - Christopher Hartmann

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