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UPDATE: You Can Now Register For The Bike Truck Through May 29  

The Ride Options:

All rides are on May 30, 2015

A-Rider Signup -
B-Rider Signup -

WHO TO RIDE WITH (NEW): use these message board threads

Message Board: [MONTAUK] Riding at a B17/B18 pace from Babylon
Message Board: [MONTAUK] Riding at an A19+ pace from Babylon
Message Board: [MONTAUK] Riding from Manhattan

Routes and Cuesheets:

Manhattan to Montauk (135 miles):
Babylon to Montauk (90 miles):
* Bring a bungie cord for securing your bicycle on a train
* Bring your MTA "bike pass"
* Bring photo ID (if using the "bike truck")
* Bring cash and/or credit cards in case of an emergency
* Print their own cue sheet and/or load their GPS device with the correct route
* Bring enough cash to use for incidentals, even if you have a credit/debit card
* Bring two spare tubes, a pump, a patch kit and tire levers so that you can change/fix a tube
* Stay with at least one riding partner at all times
* Bring a mobile battery charger -OR- turn off power to your mobile phone during riding segments to conserve power (but remember to check it often)
* Bring a print copy of the cue sheet even if you have a GPS device
* Bring enough snacks to eat, and eat/drink frequently
* Keep track of the painted navigation symbols on the road near most of our course's turns, as they were used for a different event that recently rode out this way - they can be followed to downtown Montauk
Train Assignments:
Outbound trains to Babylon are at 6:55a, 7:15a, 7:55a, and 8:25a
You should get an email with your train assignment. If you do not, contact the ride leader.
Same day return - inbound to Manhattan from Montauk, board the 5:30p train from Montauk without your bicycle (this is why we have the return service)

Additional Info For The Ride Itself:

Though it is listed with NYCC, it is not a guided ride. Info & transit connections for the starting locations (NYC, Babylon) will be provided. No leader will be assigned to any groups. No SAG will be provided. No comfort stations will be provided. All services and organization will have to be self-arrangedPlease use the club message board if you are interested in grouping together in similar-pace group.

Most importantly, the club is not providing a transport service to New York from the destination. Many riders may choose to stay in Montauk and work their way back to NY over the next few days. Additionally, LIRR and Hampton Jitney (plus any other common carrier systems) are first-come first-serve boarding for bicycles, have limited capacity, and may decline to accept any riders who show up en masse. 

There is an (optional) private service handling same-day bike return (more below).

There will be two main starting points: a start point in NYC for riders interested in a 135mi route all the way from central NYC to Montauk, and a start point in Babylon for riders who will take LIRR to Babylon (45 miles in, 90 miles away from Montauk) to start on the course from there. Note: B-riders will all be directed to take the Babylon start in order to ensure they arrive at the end by 5:15pm. The routes are very scenic, and we have the advantage of being able to follow freshly painted directional symbols along most of the route. Because this is a self-guided ride, you can pick your own starting point and starting time if you know what you're doing - remember: no SAG or guided leaders - we'll meet you out in Montauk!

After the ride, for those who come in early and have time to unwind, we'll gather to hang out at Zum Schneider in Montauk until 4:45pm when we head to the train and the bike truck, both which will be located at the Montauk station (any riders coming in after 5pm should go right to the train, as you don't want to miss it)

The ride is RAIN OR SHINE.

The "Bike Truck":

A service is being offered to take your bike back to NYC on Saturday night, with the riders using LIRR (with no capacity limit for "just riders") and the bikes meeting the group near Penn Station. The cost is $25 per person, and it must be paid by THE EXTENDED DEADLINE OF May 29, 2015. You MUST arrive at the Montauk Train Station by 5:15pm to use the truck. The truck is RAIN OR SHINE. There are NO REFUNDS. 

This is a private service not affiliated with (or guaranteed by) the New York Cycle Club, and you engage with it at your own risk.

Please contact me via the club contact form to receive instructions about how to complete the "bike truck" signup

The bikes will be stored in a custom trailer that is used to transport bikes for racing teams. It is a "no-contact" storage facility that should keep the bicycles secure. The trailer itself is insured for catastrophe up to $1,000,000.

Instructions for Bike Truck users: 

You're due in Montauk at 5pm to catch the 5:30pm train to Manhattan (and to hand your bike over to our bike truck operator at the train station, preferably no later than 5:15pm) Please be on the 5:30pm train at Montauk, make all of the train transfers required of you between Montauk and NYC, and head right to the pickup location when you arrive in NYC. 

The pickup location will be at West 31st Street and Eighth Avenue, right outside the exit from Pennsylvania Station in Manhattan. 

Please note that you should bring a form of valid positive (photo) identification for the bike truck operator to claim your bicycles at the end of the ride. 

Also note that you must be present at the time of the bicycle dropoff, as there will be *no* storage of bicycles or late pickups - and also there will be no third-party deliveries or pickups (so, you cannot have another person pickup your bicycle at Penn Station - you must be present to pick it up yourself). The truck operator is not responsible for bicycles that are abandoned with him. 

Disclaimer: I, Brian Van Nieuwenhoven (not acting in any capacity as an officer of the club or a board director), have arranged for the truck as a convenience to anyone who wants to use it. 

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