Closer to Free Ride for Smilow Cancer Hospital at Yale-New Haven

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Ride Information
New Haven, CT

What’s amazing about the Closer to Free Ride?  The community.  The inspiration.  The beauty.  The challenge.  The support.  And of course the fact that every dollar you raise supports patient care and research at New England’s most comprehensive cancer center.

From the stirring Opening Ceremony to the triumphant finish line festival at the Yale Bowl, you’ll be inspired no matter how many miles you ride.  You’ll ride alongside cancer survivors and those riding in honor of someone they’ve lost.  Our community is passionate about fighting cancer and you’ll be a part of it from the moment you register. 

There are so many reasons to join us on September 12, 2015 for the 5th annual Closer to Free Ride.  Here are just a few:

100% of the dollars you raise (yes, 100 PERCENT!) for the Closer to Free Ride will directly support patient care and research at Smilow Cancer Hospital and Yale Cancer Center. Smilow is Southern New England’s premier cancer hospital and the Ride is our signature fundraising event. 

Our riders and volunteers are passionate about our cause and the incredible work that’s done every day at Smilow Cancer Hospital. And they’re passionate about cycling, health and fitness and being a part of a supportive and motivated community. From our training rides to exclusive merchant discounts and behind-the-scenes tours of Smilow Cancer Hospital, being a part of our community is almost as rewarding as riding all those miles.

All three of our routes (25, 62.5 and 100 miles) have been professionally designed for safety and the best rider experience. But they’ve also been designed to help you see the beauty of Southern Connecticut from the best seat in the house: your bike. From rolling hills to old growth forests, scenic farmland to seaside villages, the Closer to Free Ride will astound you with its unique beauty and diversity.

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