NYCC Suspends all ...

It will come as no surprise, that the New York Cycle Club’s Board of Directors has decided to CANCEL all Club-sponsored activities for the next eight weeks. This cancellation includes all SIGs, STSs, Club rides, laps-in-the-park training rides, social events, and Club meetings. For more details, please see the home page.

Ride Library Improvements

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Ride Library Enhancements - April 2015


We are proud to unveil significant improvements in the Ride Library.  Hank Schiffman, Carol Waaser (co-Librarians) and Israel Forst (Webmaster), along with a bevy of volunteers, have been hard at work over the past 2 months cleaning up old routes and adding improvements to your ride library experience.

  • Perhaps the biggest addition is a Ride with GPS link for each ride.  (We’re not done adding this for every ride – this is very time consuming – but over 150 rides now have this feature.)
  • We’ve generated a new cue sheet from the RWGPS file, using Mike Kokurec’s lovely Roboviva app, so that you have mileage for each route. These cue sheets are cleaned up, with no extraneous directions
  • We’ve tried to include current pit stops and food stops along the route (Note: pit stops are listed in RWGPS but may not appear on the automated cue sheets so check the RWPGS Map)
  • We’ve added a new Region, “Getting out of NYC,” which will eventually have all known routes to get from the common NYC locations to common ride starting points in New Jersey, the Bronx, Brooklyn, & Queens
  • We’ve added another region for Multi-Day trips
  • We’ve added the ability for members to rate cue sheets (1-5 stars) so that we can highlight the most popular routes in a region
  • We are adding Interest Tags to better organize routes by interests (e.g. urban, climbing, rollers, beach, historic, etc...)
  • We've added Google Maps integration so that you can easily view the location of each region on an interactive map


We still have quite a bit of work to do, but we thought we’d let you in on our progress so you can explore the new features.


A big shout-out to our volunteers, who have been converting old cue sheets into GPS files:

  • Antonio Papageorgiou
  • Bill Nichols
  • Douwe Busschops
  • Gerald Sepey
  • Gil Yang
  • John Semel
  • Sam Lunetta
  • Timothy Shepard
  • Victor Baruh
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