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March 2015 Club Meeting - "Going the Distance", an inside look at Randonneuring

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  • March 2015 Club Meeting - "Going the Distance", an inside look at Randonneuring
Tuesday, March 10, 2015 - 6:00pm

New York Cycle Club presents "Going the Distance", an inside look at Randonneuring                        

When - Tuesday, March 10, 2015 from 6:00-8:00PM
Where - Connolly's Pub & Restaurant, 121 West 45 St. (6th & Broadway), 3rd floor

What does it take to “go the distance” … ?  Principals from Long Island and New Jersey Randonneurs discuss the gear, logistics, mental-physical preparation, century old traditions and 2015 opportunities to participate in truly long distance cycling.  And by distance we’re talking 200K-300K-600K — up to the 1200K of this year’s quadrennial Paris-Brest-Paris!  

Joe Kratovil has cycled seriously since 1984, originally starting out as a triathlete and bike commuter.  During the busy years, working hard and attending to family obligations had relegated cycling to a smaller part of life. Sometimes, just commuting and running errands were all that time would allow.  All that changed in 2006 when he discovered Ultra Distance cycling. He has participated in more than 350 RUSA brevets and permanents.  Joe is an official finisher of the 2010 Lap of Lake 1000k in NY and Canada; the 2011 Paris-Brest-Paris 1200K; and the 2014 Natchez Trace 1500K from Nashville, TN to Natchez, MS -- the longest brevet in the US.  Joe currently holds three UMCA State Crossing records. Since 2006 has logged a total of 100,000 outdoor road miles. He has completed long distance bike rides in eighteen US states, Canada, and France.  Also, is a four-time inductee into the K-Hound club whose members represent some of the highest mileage cyclists in the country. Joe is Regional Brevet Administrator (RBA) for New Jersey Randonneurs.

Steve Yesko has over forty years of cycling experience, having ridden his first 50 and 100 mile rides at the tender age of fourteen. Over the years, Steve has done many centuries and other long distance trips (e.g., PacTour). For about a ten year period while in his 30's, Steve competitively raced mountain bikes in both team and solo 12 and 24 hour off-road events. This theme of endurance cycling translated easily to his getting involved in randonneuring as Steve got a bit older. To date, Steve has successfully completed the 1200K Paris-Brest-Paris (2011), 1400K London-Edinburgh-London (2013), and 1000K Lap of Lake Ontario (2014).  Originally from Pittsburgh, Steve now resides in New York City and is in his second season as the Regional Brevet Administrator (RBA) for the Long Island Randonneurs.

Susan Rodetis (Moderator) has been randonneuring for six years and has completed fifteen brevet events, the longest being the very hilly Eastern Pennsylvania 600K.  She has high hopes for doing the 1000K around Lake Ontario this summer. As a ride organizer, Susan's created many new rides including several challenging week-long trips in California.  As an event organizer, Susan ran the 1,000 rider Montauk Century.  She has designed brevet routes and volunteered at many bike events and organizations, including the MS Ride and for Bike NY.  Susan is a nationally certified bicycle instructor for League of American Bicyclists/Bike NY and an A19 SIG graduate. Her biggest cycling revelation?  One really needs VERY GOOD lights for night riding.

Long Island Randonneurs is the official Randonneurs USA club for Long Island.  In 2015, LIRando will host three brevets — the Jones Beach 100K Populaire, the Ronkonkoma 200K, and Bethpage 300K.

New Jersey Randonneurs is the official RUSA club for NJ.  In 2015, NJRando will host nine events ranging from 200K/13.5 hours to 600K/40 hours.

New York Cycle Club founded in 1936, is the largest such club in the city, an all-volunteer recreational cycling organization that offers its 2,000 members rides at all pace levels; weekend trips; a nationally recognized spring training program; monthly meetings featuring important speakers in the field.  NYCC offers a full calendar of special events, in a friendly environment where you'll meet other, like-minded cycling NY-ers.

Banner Credit: Cathline Marshall

Original Banner Photo by Stephen Hinde.  From the Rocky Mountain 1200K, hosted by BC Randonneurs Cycling Club.

Event Organizer/Questions: Neile Weissman

March 2015 Club Meeting - "Going the Distance", an inside look at Randonneuring
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