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January 2015 Meeting: Trends In Urban Cycling

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  • January 2015 Meeting: Trends In Urban Cycling
Tuesday, January 13, 2015 - 6:00pm

When - Tuesday, January 13, 2015 from 6:00-8:00PM

Where - Connolly's Pub & Restaurant, 121 West 45 Street (between 6th & Broadway), 3rd floor

What - New York Cycle Club in association with Velojoy presents "Trends in Urban Cycling"

Three questions every cyclist asks.  What do I ride? What will I wear?  How soon will CitBike come to Long Island City?  Come hear three speakers with the answers!  Susi Wunsch, publisher and blogger in-chief of Velojoy will clue us in to the latest trends in urban cycling apparel.  Dave Vollbach, manager at Bicycle Habitat Soho will review the latest street gear. Ben Fried, Editor-in-Chief of Streetsblog will tell us what political developments to look for in 2015.

Ben Fried is the Editor-in-Chief of Streetsblog. He joined Streetsblog as a New York City reporter in 2008, just as the push to enact congestion pricing was peaking. Since then he has covered the transportation angle on local elections, and the day-by- day transformation of NYC streets. Today he oversees Streetsblog's family of sites covering NY, San Francisco, Chicago, federal transportation policy, and stories from around the country of significance to the national movement for safer streets and sustainable transportation. Ben graduated from Oberlin College with a concentration in architecture, and he holds a Master's in Journalism from Columbia University. He lives with his wife in Prospect Heights, and he loves the Mets. Follow Ben on Twitter @streetsblogNYC.


Dave Vollbach is a manager at Bicycle Habitat's flagship Soho location. Hailing from America's automotive capital, southeast Michigan, he's lived in Brooklyn for just over 5 years and hasn't owned a car since high school. He's seen just about every unique, interesting, and just downright terrible commuting setup you probably can't even think of passing by Habitat's Lafayette St. Location. In addition to daily bicycle commuting, he's an active member of the NYC racing community, and an advocate for safe, accessible streets for cyclists and pedestrians alike.


Susi Wunsch is a passionate city and road cyclist. As founder of, a New York City- based website focused on urban cycling lifestyle, she follows trends in cycling style and in clothing designed for commuting and casual riding. Susi has written about cycling for a variety of publications, including Bicycling Magazine and Momentum Magazine. She is a proud supporter of Transportation Alternatives and of local and national initiatives to get more women on bikes. Follow Susi on Twitter (@velojoy) and Instagram (@velojoy). (Photo by Dmitry Gudkov.)


Velojoy is your destination for New York City urban cycling fashion, fun and lifestyle.  Everything in New York City is big and vibrant, including a bicycling scene that's growing as more people make two-wheel transportation a part of their daily lives. Riding a bicycle here is an everyday adventure, a revelation of style and street-smart strategies, and a much-discussed topic as cycling rolls toward full integration into the urban transportation system.

New York Cycle Club founded in 1936, is the largest such club in the city, an all-volunteer recreational cycling organization that offers its 2,000+ members rides at all pace levels; weekend trips; a nationally recognized spring training program; monthly meetings featuring important speakers in the field.  NYCC offers a full calendar of special events, in a friendly environment where you'll meet other, like-minded cycling NY-ers.

Banner Credit: Cathline Marshall

Event Organizer: Neile Weissman

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January 2015 Meeting: Trends In Urban Cycling
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