Photos of the Week for August 11th, 2014

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Saturday Aug 09, The Gnome Ride, submitted by Jon Shireman

NYCC members suffer hernias hoisting El Oso Papito atop Perkins. More from Jerry Piven...

From B18 "Ole Faithful Ride to Nyack" taken in Fort Lee, just before crossing the GW. Feasting on Gypsy donuts and a nice smooth river road ride. Thanks to the group leaders Shara and Stacie! Submitted by Mart de Graaf

From "Bear Mountain for C Riders" - C riders CAN climb Bear Mountain!! Carol Waaser, Rob Cohn & Elise Cohn leaders; Saturday 8/9 (an absolutely spectacular day!) Submitted by Carol Waaser

Ain’t no mountain high ...  Ain’t no valley low ... Ain’t no river wide enough … to keep Alyssia Butterworth, Anne Smith, Jay Jacobson, Elenita "Elle” Fabre, Marek Zarzycki, Joseph Lertola, Karen Ard (peeking over Joe’s shoulder), Lana Markovic, Jan Zolotov (kneeling), Myles Diamond and Glenn Turner … from getting to LUNCH!  From Fred Leffel & Cathline Marshall’s Harrison-Greenwich Loop. Submitted by Neile Weissman, along with the picture below taken by Anne Smith (Joe Lertola and Myles Diamond sherpa bikes and Karen Ard works her way across a bridge-in-progress):

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