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The 2014 NYCC Winter Hiking/Snowshoeing SIG

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  • The 2014 NYCC Winter Hiking/Snowshoeing SIG
Monday, March 3, 2014 - 9:30am


If you can walk, you can snowshoe!

The 2014 NYCC Hiking/Snowshoeing SIG meets Sundays, January 5th through early March, with extra outings after snowstorms. Each outing ranges from four to eight miles, usually in the Harriman/Bear Mountain/Sterling Forest/West Point areas.

Here's how it works. SIG members get a midweek email, detailing Sunday's outing. To participate, simply email back—before Friday night—offering to drive (we usually car pool,) requesting a seat in someone’s car, or inquiring about a mass transit option. First “yes" gets first available seat, etc. We try to confirm seats ASAP; by Friday evening at latest. Every passenger contributes $15 to their outbound driver to help defray costs.

We often stop for in Montvale for coffee and a pastry on our way home, returning to the city ~4:30 PM; one car often skips this stop, allowing earlier returns. This SIG has no minimum participation requirement. For more info, email Ken ([email protected],) or Marilyn at [email protected].

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The 2014 NYCC Winter Hiking/Snowshoeing SIG
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