Prince Edward Island: 500-miles, 10 days: June 24 to July 5, 2014

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Ride Information

[ Lead by volunteers for the not-for-profit Appalachian Mountain Club. ]

This "Bucket List Bike Trip" circles Prince Edward Island (PEI), beginning and ending at the Confederation Bridge. Over 10 days, we will cover nearly 500 miles of the island's delights, from North Shore to South Shore and East Point to West Point, passing dramatic coastlines, inviting beaches and picturesque farmlands.
Expect rolling hills and paved public roads for most of the mileage, but we will take unpaved"designated scenic heritage roads" whenever we can. Also, for brief periods, we will ride the crushed gravel Confederate [Rail] Trail. Our only rest day will be in Charlottetown, with the chance to sample island culture, cuisine and civic life.
As absolutely everyone knows, a biking trip is an eating trip. And we will indulge. The island is famous for fresh seafood and we will have the opportunity to visit the Culinary Institute of Canada and other special restaurants. On the last day, we will have a special group dinner at one of the island's top restaurants. And of course we will stop at dairy bars for ice cream every chance we get. In spite of all efforts to the contrary, weight loss (and a suntan) is nearly guaranteed. You're going to look amazing. And bring your bathing suits, friends! For, whenever possible, we will have prolonged mid-day stops to rest, relax and stretch and enjoy ourselves. A van will carry our luggage and we will spend our nights in inns, a luxury university residence and a lighthouse.
Price of $1,475 includes shared double-occupancy rooms, half the breakfasts and dinner on the last day.


Your Leader, Dick Cable, is a fun-loving guy and a bicycle leader for AMC/CT -- with Advanced Wilderness First Aid and CPR certifications. Dick has guided bike trips in Spain and Venice and non-bike trips to Mongolia and Nepal. His favorite color is blue and his favorite food is "anything Italian." Your Co-leader, Rob Matson, is a fun-loving guy and a bike, backpack and ski leader for AMC/NY-NoJ, and a member of NYCC -- with Wilderness First Responder and CPR certifications. He can fix bikes and has guided trips through the Adirondacks, Berkshires and downstate New York. His favorite color is red and his favorite food is kale.

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