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Audax STS 2013 – Sunday rides series

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Sunday, March 3, 2013 - 9:00am

Audax STS 2013 – Sunday rides series

Are you a SIG graduate or a solid and experienced group rider with great bike handling skills?  If so, check out this year’s Audax STS (Spring Training Series). Work with other experienced and disciplined NYCC Audax riders to get into serious shape during 10 weeks of progressively longer and more challenging rides. 

What is Audax? 
The word Audax comes from the Latin for bold or courageous. In 1897 a group of Italian cyclists rode 200 km between sunrise and sunset, and became known as "les Audacieux".  Audax is a riding style in which the group rides at a controlled pace at an average speed of 14mph (22.5 km/h). (Early season the rides will be slower.)

As the Audax STS progresses over the next 10 weeks, the rides will take on greater distances and more challenging hills, and will cover some of the most attractive and varied scenery in the Greater New York area.

The 2013 Audax STS is designed to build good base miles, enhance group riding skills, improve strength and endurance.  Group riding skill will be emphasized at all times.  The group leaves and returns to NY together.

What to expect:

  • The group will ride non-competitively and together at all times.
  • Unsafe riding behaviour will not be tolerated.
  • To take full advantage of the Audax, participants are encouraged to get in one or two training rides during the week between scheduled rides.
  • The first ride will be 4 laps in Central Park.  After that rides will be broken down into 2 hours of non-stop riding segments, broken up by 20min breaks.
  • We don’t want to spend all day riding.  You will learn about riding efficiently and managing your time at stops.

The fine print:

  • All participants are expected to be on time and ready to depart at the scheduled start time.
  • Helmets and recently tuned up/overhauled bikes are mandatory.
  • Carry spare tubs and be able to fix your own flats/mechanicals in 10min or less.
  • Be able to follow a cue sheet.
  • Be willing and prepared to pull.
  • Be prepared to be left behind if you take too long at the rest stop.  Our goal is to limit breaks to 20 min.  Thus plan your break!
  • Once registered, all riders will be expected to attend at 8 of the 10 rides.
  • No new riders will be added after week 2.

In case of rain or bad weather forecast, riders will be emailed between 7-8pm on Saturday evening.  (They you can sleep in on Sunday)


You can register for the Audax by sending an email to [email protected]

Please add AUDAX to the subject line and include:

  1. full name,
  2. email address
  3. cell phone number
  4. ICE (in case of emergency) contact info (name and phone)
  5. For any email inquiries, expect a slow response.  I have a crazy schedule and personal email is bottom of my to-do list.

The series will be limited to 25 riders.

We’re looking forward to a great Audax series in 2013.  We hope to see you on Sunday, March 3.



Approximate distance


March 3



Laps in Central Park

March 10



9W market

March 17



New Jersey loop

March 24



New Jersey loop

March 31



New Jersey loop

April 7



New Jersey loop

April 14



Saddle River Road

April 21




April 28



Loop around the Hudson River

May 5



New Jersey Century


Audax STS 2013 – Sunday rides series
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