Mallorca: One of the Five Best Biking Venues on Earth

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Mallorca: One of the Five Best Biking Venues on Earth

By Jay Jacobson, NYCC Member since the 1990's

As one of the 24 bicyclists on the Backroads September 9 group, I reached the conclusion that Mallorca is one of the five best biking venues on earth. Scenery, roads, terrain and climate were all superb from atop two wheels. As my 29th tour with this amazing company, this one may have been my most challenging.  Six days of up and down pedaling amounting to 246 miles and over 18,100 feet elevation gain.

Much of the route was along or near stunning Mediterranean rocky coastline and beaches. It covered the north coast from Valldemossa to Formentor and Algaida to Cala Blava Scenery, including an array of vineyards, olive groves, fruit orchards, lamb and sheep grazing meadows and pine forests.

The reasons why 80,000 bike riders visit this gorgeous Spanish island annually were evident. We passed through small ancient villages and fishing villages. We experienced typical Mallorcan September weather with a temperature range of 68-81 and 1.5 inches of rain monthly. We had about an hour and a half of rain during our six biking days.

The tour cost about $4,000 plus air fare, an optional single-room supplement, guide tips, some beverages and a couple of meals that were not included. I felt it was worth the cost. This is because the routes, hotels, guides and cuisine provided were all exceptional.

The local drivers were bike friendly—if they were stuck behind us bikers on a narrow road, they patiently waited for an opportunity to pass us.  Most of the roads selected were lightly trafficked and bike paths were used where available.

The three hotels were of the highest quality. After these grueling rides we were able to cool off and unwind at their stunning pools. They included a converted monastery and a former fortress which appeared to come out of Arabian Nights. There were also tastings of local wines (surprisingly good), tours of olive oil presses and a guided walk of an ancient town.

Our group was comprised mostly of married couples ages 40-60. Included were groups from Utah, Alaska and Colorado. The three highly qualified guides who cycled with us also drove two well-equipped support vehicles. Group members could select stretches of the days ride to van shuttle if they weren’t up to cycling all of the days’ mileage. We were given turn sheets and ride details daily and members rode alone or with small groups.

This tour which has been recently added to Backroads’ worldwide repertoire has already become one of its most popular. I can see the reasons for this!


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