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Volunteer − Help Run the Club in 2013!

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Friday, March 8, 2013 - 10:15am


Volunteering at New York Cycle Club

Consider that with no paid staff, NYCC pulls off a non-stop, year-round offering of rides, events, our monthly programs, the SIG and STS; plus we advocate for cycling and cyclists and we stage the fabulous Escape New York.

All volunteers. No paid staff.

Only our collective volunteer efforts making it happen; making NYCC the rich community that it is.

To sustain this level of vitality, community... it means all of us who get value from the club need to contribute to this collective labor of love called NYCC.

Here is what you can do in 2013:

  • Lead rides if you are already a confident ride leader 
  • Take ride leader training and become a ride leader
  • Lead C rides for our newer members even if you’re a faster rider
  • Take charge of our "Discounts to Members" page and develop new relationships to benefit members
  • Coordinate our All-Class Ride
  • Coordinate our Newcomers Ride
  • Promote the Club at Summer Streets
  • Develop your own program of interest for members at a venue you arrange
  • Do you know Drupal? Are you a programmer? Work with our webmaster to refine the website
  • Help our content editor by working with the eweekly and website content
  • For volunteer opportunities, contact:
  • General questions: [email protected]

ENY Volunteer: [email protected]



Volunteer − Help Run the Club in 2013!
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