Lemond RevMaster for sale also 52cm cervelo P3

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Hi guys I am not sure if this is the place to sell this stuff but I know everyone here is close to me so I figure I would list it here.

I bought a Lemond RevMaster less then a year ago and I don't use it. I go to the gym so now it's just taking up space. I have a van and I am in Hackensack NJ and can help whoever buys it get it home if they need me to. But at this point it's just in storage.

I also have a Cervelo P3 52cm that I used for some triathlons years ago and haven't used since. It needs wheels and pedals but all the components have less then 500 miles on them. I just am running out of space and with 6 bikes it's a bit crowded. It's aluminum with carbon forks and handlebars. Dura Ace 9 speed. I think it's from 2003-04. At this point I would let it go for a few hundred since I need the space.

Well hopefully I will get back to riding with you guys in 2012. Between starting multiple businesses and getting married I haven't had time to ride in years. I am lucky to get in 30 miles a week. :)

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