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Saturday, Dec.4th
Meet 8:30 at corner of 125th and Madison
A23+ for 60-80 miles

Ride Details:
The name says it all. If you've always wanted to try this legendary ride, this is your chance for an escort to the start to pepper with questions. We ride steady tempo up to the start in Yonkers, then do an excruciatingly slow "warm-up" for about 10 miles while our fingers and toes numb over, then the ride really begins, but it'll be over before you can blink (about 30 miles), then we either metro-north it home for a total of 60 miles or ride back home through some of most scenic sections of the bronx (not) for a total of 80 miles. Please be self-sufficient. No maps or cue sheets, so having some knowledge of lower westchester is helpful. Paceline and/or pack riding skills necessary.

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