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11/23 UPDATE - Weather forecasts are all over the lot, and indeterminate but tending toward wet-ish. I'll post on this msg board, on this thread (assuming I can find it :>), by 8PM Wed. evening. I'd really like to ride, but not if it means getting wet/messy. So - - the post might be either an adviso to poke our heads outside 6:30AM Thursday -- or an invite to join me for a longish, slowish, cardio-jog (with a few intervals on the back 9) on the CPk gravel path and reservoir loop, leaving from the boathouse. Tthat I won't mind doing in a drizzle or light rain. Plus we'll still burn calories in advance of the big feast.

By the way --ride temporarily does not "show" on the current ride board; I edited it slightly, and apparently it gets removed from view pending re-review. But ride still official.
Another aspect of our rides listing I've bumped into by doing that - - possibly the folks who signed on under the ride description - - might not get carried over if/when the ride gets reposted. So I've lost your contact names for now. If you'd like me to group email anyone directly on ride status/updates -- please send me your email(s), to [email protected]

Think dry weather thoughts in the meantime!

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