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a few more notes:

if you're riding, notice that the start time is 11am. please bring pocket food b/c we most likely will not get to jacques torres in tribeca until 2pm. please also bring a lock. in the past, we've always brought our bikes into the entrance area, and i'm sure we can do it again. either way, we should lock our bikes in the entrance way and/or outside.

* * *

The Famous Jacques Torres Chocolate Chip Cookie Ride

Leaders: Maggie [email protected], 212-729-7298

sunday, 11am, soldiers and sailors (89th and riverside drive)

b17, 40ish miles

Everyone's favorite chocolate chip cookie ride is back.

Quick spin up River Road. Return on 9W. Down the West Side Highway bike path (I go extra slow on the bike path riddled with people on rented bikes, joggers, strollers, doggies and tourists).

Jacques Torres is the most amazing chocolatier on earth. He's a French guy with a Spanish last name; go figure. His chocolate chip cookies are the best in the world (don't even try to tell me that place on the upper west side with the basement entrance is good - I've been there and it so does not even compare). Anything and everything chocolate can be found here.

Pictures from the last chocolate chip cookie ride -

Come enjoy the fun.

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