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The way that the photos for the front page work is that the website pulls one photo from each of four events that we promote to the front page. However, the events don't have to be what we would think of as events such as a meeting or dinner or SIG series, or ENY, or all-class ride, or club weekend, or skating party...although they certainly could be.

An event could also be a ride, or a series of rides. You just need to have an exciting photo, and be able to write a couple of paragraphs about your ride or series so that if someone clicks on "Read More" next to the photo there is something interesting for them to read that also, hopefully, helps new people to learn something about the club. For instance, if Neil's Social Climber series has a great photo to share, he might write up the Social Climber's ride series as an event. Even weekday workout rides could be an event for this purpose if there is a great photo. The event could be entirely in the that case we will just create it as an event with zero spaces available so people can't sign up for it.

We will need to plan another page where we can post a running accumulation of photos-of-the-week for those photos that are mainly of interest to the participants and their friends. We don't have that yet.

And please use cameras. Cell phone cameras only provide good resolution for close-ups.

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