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Gold Coasting / Morgan's Island C15 58 miles 9:00am Start location: Statue of Civic Virtue, Queens Blvd & Union Turnpike.
Our ride takes us to a destination rarely visited by the NYCC. Flat route to Old Westbury, then the usual short hills through Glen Cove and Lattington to Morgan's Island overlooking the L.I. Sound. Stop @ Pryibil beach. Lunch in Locust Valley. There is still plenty of fall foilage out on the Island. To get to the start by subway, take the E or F (preferably F) train to the Union Turnpike stop. Exit towards the front of the train. Once through the gates at the token booth, go left and left again to exit at the "Court House". The statue is right at the top of those stairs. Please sign up in the ride schedule area of the website.

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