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Join us for week #3 of the Hogwich ride. We leave at 9:00 sharp from the Jersey side of the GWB. This is an A20 ride for precisely 60 miles. Details below:

Ride Details:
The long-running and popular fall/winter training series is back after taking last year off. I even renewed my NYCC membership to lead these things again! There's nothing mysterious about the Hogwich ride. It's really just a glorified Nyack ride with a stop at the Runcible for a Hogwich (i refuse to call them Hubwiches!!!) The difference is that we ride north and west a bit, climb Little Tor and shoot back down 9W first before our break in Nyack. Nyack is the only stop on the ride, so please be prepared fuel-wise for about 40 miles of non-stop riding. Anyone who's ridden wih me knows, I like the group to ride together and not be strung out all over the road like a bunch of bozo's. So please be very comfortable riding in a paceline at the listed pace if you show. We will not scream out the turns for anyone off the front and we will not be waiting for stragglers. I will post weekly on the message board regarding any weather-related cancellations. Precip will usually cancel. Cold will not

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