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Welcome New (and old) Members - Bronx Ramble to City Island

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Welcome New (and old) Members - Bronx Ramble to City Island

Saturday, September 10, 2022 09:30 AM

This ride is designed to welcome our new members but all are welcome so long as faster and/or more experienced riders understand we will be maintaining a C13 pace (or less if it's really hot) and taking extra breaks in the shade.  New members, please see for an explanation of the C13 pace (it's the cruising speed on the flats, NOT the average, which will most likely be less than 10mph).

If you sign up and then find you cannot go on the ride, you must withdraw by clicking the blue WITHDRAW tab in this ride listing.  That goes for the waiting list, if any, as well.


NOTE: lunch will be at approximately 1:30 or 2pm followed by a short ride to the Ferry described below.


We will be riding through Randall's and Ward's Islands, Concrete Plant Park, Soundview Park (west), The Esplanade, Soundview Park (east), Pugsley Park, Pelham Bay Park, and Ferry Point Park.

Our route to lunch is about 50% shady and fairly flat (note the "fairly").  Given that we will be on many bike trails with children and dogs, we will be riding at a very leisurely, careful pace.  We also have some tricky urban areas to get through - we will have a little chat about riding in traffic before we start.  We will be picking up lunch at a takeout deli and takeout health food/juice bar (great ACAI) on City Island and finding a shady place nearby to eat - usually on small tables in front of the deli or a stoop or benches or, if necessary, the curb.

There are about 1.5 miles of hardpack in two sections along the route, but they are both fairly easy to ride. 

There are subway bailouts in case anyone needs to get home before the ride is over.  But, a highlight of the ride will be taking the Soundview Ferry from Ferry Point Park in the Bronx to Manhattan at the end of the ride.  We suggest you download the app to pay before we board the ferry.  You can't pay onboard.  There are two ticket machines on the Ferry Point dock but there is sometimes a line.

We will not be passing bike shops or subways on the route to lunch so please make sure your bike is in good working order, your tires are properly inflated, and you have spare tubes that fit your wheels.  Your leaders' mechanical skills are nothing to brag about.  

Please bring plenty of water and plenty of snacks as well as sunblock.  It is 25 miles to our late lunch at 1:30 or 2pm.  There will be restrooms in several of the parks we will be passing through but no snacks or drinks other than tap water. 

This really is a very pleasant end-of-Summer ride and we hope you can join us.  Please bring a copy of each cue sheet below.


Outbound route to City Island:
Outbound cue sheet: 
Route home from City Island to the ferry:
Route home cue sheet:  
E 84th St & East End Ave, Carl Schurz Park, by the restrooms

Before You Ride

  • Make sure your bike is in GOOD working order.
  • Pump up tires to the pressure specified on the sidewall.
  • Bring essentials: helmet, 2 spare tubes, pump, patch kit, 2 water bottles, pocket food, ID, and cash (credit optional).
  • Eat a good breakfast consisting of carbohydrates and proteins.

Bicycle helmets are required head attire for all NYCC Club rides.

Earphones are not allowed while riding. Aerobars are not allowed while riding.

If you signed up and find you cannot make the ride, please remove yourself and open the slot for others.


Ride Waiver Acknowledgement

By joining this ride you indicate your agreement with the Release and Waiver of Liability, Assumption of Risk and Indemnity Agreement.

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